50 Magnificent Pictures of Long Exposure Photo Technique

Long exposure photography is one of the most interesting and surprising photography technique. It is achieved by camera shutter speed, by opening the shutter for a mere second, to even hours. It changes the photograph entirely depending on the scene.

The results can be unexpected and fascinating, in the following photos you will be amazed how long exposure photography can change the scene completely.

Although we have only 50 photos for now, but as my interests have risen for this technique in photography, we would surely post some more in the future. Do tell us, if you liked our collection and send your pictures in the comment section, after the article.

1. Hashier28

2. Annual photo

3. River Llugwy


5. Fire and water

6. Bright Atlanta


8. Long Exposure of Fireworks

9. Endurance


11. Flame Wall

12. Making An Appearance


14. Niagara Falls



16. Tower Bridge

17. In The Groove


19. Amusement Ride

20. News flash


22. Pigeon Point Lighthouse

23. Country Road at Night


25. Light drawing during insomnia

26. 7 snake


28. Star trails

29. Another Early One



31. Light From Within

32. Kiz Kulesi

33. Long Exposure at La Ronde – 1

34. time to choose the right colours..

35. KFOG KABOOM in the Fog

36. Platform Holly

37. Hats of ice

38. Santa Monica Spin

39. From East to West; New Brighton, The Wirral

40. Dune Blazers

41. My Son and I

42. Zion at night…. with a real camera.

43. Disney – A Ride On The TTA at Night (Explored)

44. Sunset Road

45. Energy – Film Long Exposure

46. Another Sunset in Austin

47. L’echelle

48. Last passenger

49. Monasterio de Piedra Spain

50. Hyperdrive