Macro Photography

43 Wonderful Macro Photography

Macro Photography refers to close up photography of small subjects. Its an art in which small subjects are photographed larger than their actual size. You’ll see many examples of macro photography here, specially insects…. Hope this collection of beautiful macro photography motivates you to find and capture beauty of tiny subjects and present an enlarged image.

Though Macro Photography seems interesting, it seems difficult to reach the small objects and take their pictures, which we cannot see clearly with our naked eyes.
So the point arise, What steps we can take to reach these small objects?
– We can opt for a diopter lens to be added to our existing lens
– or, install an extension tube
– or, buy an expensive Macro lens.
But these days you can easily do Macro Photography with your DSLR, Just set your camera to Macro mode and get amazed to see great shots of small objects.

Cucko wasp 7:1 ( © Javier Torrent)

Cucko wasp
Image Source: 1x

Bridge Hairy ( © Abidin M Faiz Nur)

Bridge Hairy
Image Source: 1x

Crippled may fly ( © Bernadette Heemskerk)

crippled may fly
Image Source: 1x

Lady bug acrobat ( © Bernadette Heemskerk)

lady bug acrobat
Image Source: 1x

Natural Law ( © Syuwandi Sien)

Natural Law
Image Source: 1x

Cahaya Emas ( © Heri Wijaya)

Cahaya Emas
Image Source: 1x

Pose ( © dedy gunawan)

Image Source: 1x

Gossip ( © mustafa öztürk)

Image Source: 1x

Hide & Seek ( © Fabien BRAVIN)

Hide & Seek
Image Source: 1x

Ray Cokes ( © Emerald Wake)

Ray Cokes
Image Source: 1x

The Ants Dream! ( © Rakesh Rocky)

The Ants Dream
Image Source: 500px

4 vs 1 ( © Uda Dennie)

4 vs 1
Image Source: 500px

The Katydid ( © Steve Passlow)

The Katydid
Image Source: 500px

Kungfu Mantis ( © Boim Wahyudi)

Kungfu Mantis
Image Source: 500px

Gotcha! ( © Marsel van Oosten)

Image Source: 500px

Eye ( © Kenny Alevxey)

Image Source: 500px

Kungfu Ant ( © Uda Dennie)

Kungfu Ant
Image Source: 500px

…..wait….. ( © bug eye :))

Image Source: 500px

lunch ! ( © bug eye :))

Image Source: 500px

Dreaming ( © Ondrej Pakan)

Image Source: 500px

Keep Tryin ( © Ben Benowski)

Keep Tryin
Image Source: 500px

Marpissa muscosa ( © Tomas Rak)

Marpissa muscosa
Image Source: 1x

Miner Bee ( © Boris Godfroid)

Miner Bee
Image Source: 1x

My vehicle lizard ( © Made Saputra)

My vehicle lizard
Image Source: 1x

Macro ( © Cuba Gallery)

Image Source: 1x

Changeable Lizards ( © Kenny (zoompict) Teo)

Changeable Lizards
Image Source: Flickr

Nature Macro ( © Cuba Gallery)

Nature Macro
Image Source: Flickr

Gorgeous details ( © Agnes PERROT)

Gorgeous details
Image Source: Flickr

Macro ( © Agnes PERROT)

Image Source: Flickr

Superb close up and colors ( © Agnes PERROT)

Superb close up and colors
Image Source: Flickr

Very beautiful! ( © Agnes PERROT)

Very beautiful!
Image Source: Flickr

Macro Monday ( © Emran Kassim)

Macro Monday
Image Source: Flickr

Beautiful Macro ( © Agnes PERROT)

Beautiful Macro
Image Source: Flickr

Come with me ! ( © bug eye :))

Come with me !
Image Source: 500px

i love u mom ( © Uda Dennie)

i love u mom
Image Source: 500px

hey, it’s my reflection ( © Abidin M Faiz Nur)

hey, it's my reflection
Image Source: 500px

Nass erwischt ( © Leo Pöcksteiner)

Nass erwischt
Image Source: 500px

Red ( © Ondrej Pakan)

Image Source: 500px

Anaranjada ( © Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz)

Image Source: 500px

Kohlweißling erwacht ( © Leo Pöcksteiner)

Kohlweißling erwacht
Image Source: 500px

beautiful shot ( © Agnes PERROT)

beautiful shot
Image Source: Flickr

Macro Spider Eyes ( © aroon_kalandy)

Macro Spider Eyes
Image Source: Flickr

Macro ( © Romain Tremblay)

Image Source: Flickr


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