43 Wonderful Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Macro Photography refers to close up photography of small subjects. Its an art in which small subjects are photographed larger than their actual size. You’ll see many examples of macro photography here, specially insects…. Hope this collection of beautiful macro photography motivates you to find and capture beauty of tiny subjects and present an enlarged image.

Though Macro Photography seems interesting, it seems difficult to reach the small objects and take their pictures, which we cannot see clearly with our naked eyes.
So the point arise, What steps we can take to reach these small objects?
– We can opt for a diopter lens to be added to our existing lens
– or, install an extension tube
– or, buy an expensive Macro lens.
But these days you can easily do Macro Photography with your DSLR, Just set your camera to Macro mode and get amazed to see great pictures. 

Look into my EYES…

Not an ordinary bee, just look at the FURRR

An Ant who can make you CRY..

Count my eyes or my legs

A close up, too CLOSE

Beetle at it’s BEST

My eyes are Bigger than your FUTURE

A Beetle being so GRACIOUS

A Honey Bee getting more Furry day by day

Oops.. fly got stuck in a spider WEB

A Terrifying SPIDER..!

Leaf insect showing what a good pose looks like


PEEKING into the camera looks like

LOOK OUT ! An Ant is building it’s NEST

Fly posing for a photograph

How dangerous this beetle seems to be

How beautiful body texture this Leaf insect have

Beetle having a rock like structure

Moth showing the ART OF NATURE

If Being attractive is my hobby was a picture

Magnificently beautiful

Fly getting more highlighted when covered in water droplets

Getting GREENER day by day

Looks like a FIRE BALL

You got to give a close UP

Let me take some rest first…

LOOK! How glossy my wings are

Don’t i look terrifying to YOU

Do i really have to say ANYTHING !! I mean just look at ME

Caterpillar with a more structured body

An Ant showing off it’s colors in a black and white world

SHHH!! Let me concentrate

You got to work HARD for your living

HEY!! I was trying to see the WORLD upside down

WELL WELL! Dark Widow got a competitor

Got a little color spread on my FURR

COULD I be any more blacker

THE BEAST is out here

A tiny droplet can capture so beautifully

Beetle getting more colorful than already it is

Beetle at it’s BEST

Fly looking like a character in a FILM

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