Maternity Pictures, Photography Ideas and Poses

Maternity Photography Ideas

Maternity photography are the most confusing concept! The person who is the center of the photography has not seen the daylight and the person who is being photographed is in severe pain. But, at the same time, the thing that makes the photography amazing is the feelings and only love is reflected in this type of photography topic. One of my friends when first tried the maternity photography, he swore out that he will never go for any other maternity photography session.

The maternity photography could be explained with a very simple example, a man’s arms around his pregnant wife. Logically it is not wrong and everything seems alright in this but,  isn’t it a bit weird to capture a pregnant lady’s stomach?

Well, the world is full of exceptions and its extremely simple to say that a vast number of people like this. I wonder, if every woman wants to do this? Well if my opinion gets counted, it is something that says that yes, all the future parents, should have a photograph with their unborn kids.  Not so much impressed with the concept but still, here are some tips that will make you go a better Maternity photographer

1. Outdoors: The place at which the photo is being captured is most important. You should be aware with the fact that the outdoor is best for photography purpose and along with that , the background should not only be normal, it should be just amazing.

2. Indoor is not that bad too! Outdoors is awesome, but its not possible to go outside your house and capture the pics. Try indoor sessions in such a condition.

3. Simplicity is the best: Being optimized is good but try to simplify your subject. The
photograph should not leave the main purpose of a camera art. Try to
keep the subject simple.

4. Be a good spouse: Being a male , you are not supposed to act like a superior. Try to help her look beautiful. Make her feel good about her looks.

I have tried to give you some tips for maternity photography, try these and make the moments memorable.

Aesthetics are important

Baby being kissed

Baby enjoying the view

Baby wants to eat donuts

Your room is ready baby

Celebrating our love

Enjoy the view


Being classy

Feel my baby bump

hello baby

i love my sibling

I love you

maybe it’s a girl or a boy

I’m readyy

looking like a princess

Loving it

loving this phase

mommy loves you

my body got bigger as well as my heart

new family is arriving

new life is coming

our heart belongs to you

parents to be

pink is for my baby

pregnancy shoots


Seasons are changing

shoot on the beach

sun kissed

These little shoes are for you

we are gonna be parents

we are in this together

we are pregnant

working hard for you

workout is important

thank you for coming into my life

you are getting bigger

you are gonna be the elder sister

you gotta read honey

your first picture

baby wants ice cream

mommy doing gym

building body for you

i can’t have wine

i love my babies

i love chocolates

i’m gonna take some rest

my comfort zone

in the field

in the lap of nature

it’s blue

lay down

just look at the glow

morning walk

big bro

I’m carrying your love with me

oh gosh !

this is not gonna fit me now

pregnant ladies

shoot during the sunset

shopping for you baby

this is for you baby

this is gonna hurt

toy for you

we did it..

winter baby

working out

you are beautiful

want updates

you are gonna get a little friend

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