35 Most Beautiful Nature Wallpapers for your Desktops

nature wallpapers

Nature Wallpapers are one of the most searched wallpapers for desktops and laptop backgrounds. These wallpapers are equipped with the environment and the beauty of our planet earth. Our selection is based on our personal score and we have kept in mind the exceptional views we can capture in cameras.

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Image Credits: Golden ripe ears of wheat and ladybug on nature in summer field at sunset rays of sunshine from LedyX/Shutterstock
Image Credits: Blue lilac flowers closeup with water drops from olgaman/Shutterstock
Image Credits: Natural green plants landscape using as a wallpaper from Fahkamram/Shutterstock
Image Credits: Tropical leaf forest glow in the dark background from vsop/Shutterstock
Image Credits: Beautiful pink flowers anemones and ladybug in spring nature outdoors against blue sky from LedyX/Shutterstock
Image Credits: agave cactus, abstract natural pattern background, dark blue toned from pernsanitfoto/Shutterstock
Image Credits: Exotic nature background and texture from Super Prin/Shutterstock
Image Credits: Brown seven running horses on sea cost sunshine natural background from Art Amori/Shutterstock
Image Credits: Traditional wooden boat in a picture perfect tropical bay on Koh Phi Phi Island from Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock
Image Credits: Jungle landscape with flowing turquoise water from Perfect Lazybones/Shutterstock
Forest, trees, sunrise, winterly morning
Mountains and lake
Waterfall hidden in the tropical jungle
Green Forest Nature Background
Group of Elephants enjoying Nature
Mountain View – Nature Wallpaper
Green Forest and the path
Wild Poppies | Nature Wallpaper
Heuchera after Rain
Beautiful Sunset on the beach
Beautiful Image of Lavender Field
Shallow depth of field
Yellow Meadow Flowers on green background
Harbor waters
Tiger walk during the golden light time
Green and yellow Palm leaves
Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto Japan
Fantasy Jungle Landscape in Mangrove rain forest
Toucan sitting on the branch
Nature Wallpaper with sunrise in the morning
Sunflower and the bee
Beautiful Green Nature Wallpaper
Nature Wallpaper during Autumn

You can also buy these images from Shutterstock.