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Nikon D750 Review 1

The professional DSLR, Nikon D750 is quite a balanced beauty providing you perfect image quality, performance, design and features. It scores highest for colour depth, dynamic range and low-light performance. It has some amazingly convenient features like built-in Wi-Fi and also an articulating LCD. Also, if we compare most professional DSLRs, D750 lies relatively in affordable range.

Image Quality

One most important aspect of any DSLR is its image quality. Apart from the lens, other aspects to which a professional DSLR photography is attributable are colour, depth, dynamic range and low-light performance, which are functions of camera sensor. The D750 has full-frame or a 35mm sensor, which is taken as standard for professional DSLRs. These sensors perform better than similar options because of their large size. So, in this case, D750’s sensor performs most better than any other option, because it achieves scores consistently higher than the class averages for professional DSLRs.

Nikon D750 Review

In case pf colour depth, the camera scores are impressive 24.8 bits – which is 0.45 bits higher than our lineup average. This makes it the healthy competitor in the market of DSLRs, because it can produce the perfect nuanced and accurate colours that we expect from cameras of this stature.

For its low light performance, D750 achieves one of the highest scores. The score was 2956 ISO, which means it allows you to reach that ISO before any significant image degradation sets in. The score is impressive enough in comparison to category average of 2320 ISO.

Offering framerates of up to 60 frames per second with 1080p resolution, D750 possess astounding video capture abilities. This resolution helps when video is run on larger screens. They appear sharp enough and run smooth even when slowed down.


The satisfactory battery life of D750 is one good factor. One charge can last up to 1230 shots. Also, Continual shooting is slightly less at 6.6 frames per second but it’s still decent.

The D750 has a respectable score of 51 autofocus points, out of which, 15 are cross-type. Also, the maximum native ISO means the highest sensitivity that a camera’s sensor is made to achieve. Though there many cameras with higher sensitivities, but d750’s 12800 ISO is still preferable for its quality maintenance. The camera has a good shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second in comparison to most cameras with 1/8000 of a second.


Most professional DSLRs out there have similar design. The D750’s built in flash, an autofocus assist light and an integrated articulating display makes it anomaly for professional DSLRs. Also, D750 includes dual-card slots, both of them are SD only.

Help & Support

D750 is standard in support with one-year warranty against defects and FAQs section on the website to help you in figuring out any non-defect issues. For any unresolvable issues, you can contact Nikon directly via email or phone.


The Nikon D750 is amongst the best professional DSLRs available. Although, there are cameras with extraordinary performance in certain categories, but nothing is as consistently good as the D750. The image quality is best-in-class with excellent design and solid performance. For its comparatively lesser price, it has no significance weakness. Overall Nikon D750 is not to be missed option with possible features presented in its beautiful design.

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