Nocturnal Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt

Photographers like to use several locations, using exposure from different perspective and what not, all this make them what they are, and how creatively they think about photography as an art.

In this article where Mikko has done some marvelous job by getting in multiple exposure shots named as Night II in Finland. You will be amazed to see his work as I am right now.

Here: A cold, frost-covered moonlit night near Kuopio in Finland, December 2012

Milky Way aligned with a crack in the ground, captured in Meri-Pori, Finland, August 2014

Self-portrait under a starry night at Rusutjärvi, Finland, July 2013

Clear night at the coast of Meri-Pori, Finland, August 2012

A shipwreck reflected in the calm water of Emäsalo, Finland, August 2013

Milky Way captured with an alien-like ground, Meri-Pori, Finland, October 2013

A lonely bench at the Yyteri Beach, Finland, August 2014

Frozen water and frost-covered rocks photographed on the Finnish coast, January 2014

Self-portrait on a road under the stars, somewhere in Finland, March 2014

Night evening mist captured at the coast of Finland, November 2013

Self-portrait on a calm night under the stars in Southern Finland, September 2013

Strong moonlight casting long right rays on a misty evening in Hanko Finland, August 2013

Noctilucent clouds lit up the misty covered landscape in this self-portrait taken in Tuusulanjärvi Finland, July 2013

A self-portrait under the milky way in Yyteri Beach Finland, August 2014

Dark illuminated rocks on a beautiful night at the coast of Finland, November 2013.

You can see more of Mikko’s work on his website and follow him on Facebook