7 Quick Tips for Outdoor Photography with Examples

Outdoor Photography ideas

Shooting pictures in open gives you some of the best images you love to watch again and again, as the natural light makes the image look just so perfect.

Today we are happy to share some fantastic tips regarding outdoor photography which can make your every click worth watching.

1. If Sun is too Bright, look for shade.

Though the Natural sunlight is beautiful for photography, if the sun is too harsh you can find a little shade. It should be in an away that the sun is not directly falling on the subject but the nearby area.

2. Search for a Natural reflector.

The Subject brightens up with the light being reflected on it. If you do not have a reflector, you can look for natural reflector like a light colored wall. Extra light beautify the skin and eyes of the subject.

3. Find Location

While looking for location, do not judge the place in the single glance. You only need a particular background or wall for your photography, which you can find by looking around even in a rough area. So a photographer can easily find its field of interest even in an old building.

4. Backlight

You can place your subject just in front of the sun, which will make it look like the light is leaking from the back. It’s an another way of taking outdoor photos.

5. Soft Light Photography

If you are looking for a soft light to take your pictures you can opt an hour after Sunrise or an hour before Sunset. At this particular time, the light is soft for making few distinct clicks.

6. Focus on Eyes

While taking an outdoor portrait photography try to focus on eyes. Your eyes reflect your feelings and give you a complete click.

7. Shoot on a cloudy day

Shooting on a cloudy day can add some different and unusual colors your image naturally. Make the best use of the huge group of clouds in your photography.

Here are few amazing outdoor photography ideas, which can help you in your outdoor photography shoots.

Nastya ( © Oleg Bagmutskiy)

Image Source: 1x

The photographer ( © Tatyana Tomsickova)

The photographer
Image Source: 1x

Small autumn fairy ( © Stanislav hricko)

Small autumn fairy
Image Source: 1x

Giddyup! ( © Miranda Medina)

Image Source: 500px

At sunset ( © Travelling Lenses)

At sunset
Image Source: 500px

Snowgirl ( © Charlaine Williams)

Image Source: 500px

Sun ( © Charlaine Williams)

Image Source: 500px

Portrait of young beautiful woman in autumn coat ( © Oleg German)

Portrait of young beautiful woman in autumn coat
Image Source: 500px

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Beautiful young red-haired girl ( © Alexander Alenin)

Beautiful young red-haired girl
Image Source: 500px

Girl thinking ( © Jozef Polc)

Girl thinking
Image Source: 500px

Beauty young woman ( © Olena Zaskochenko)

Beauty young woman
Image Source: 500px

Happy blonde portrait ( © Milenko Dilas)

Happy blonde portrait
Image Source: 500px

Beautiful girl outdoor photography ( © Liana Clark)

Beautiful girl outdoor photography
Image Source: Flickr

A boy on swing ( © Karen osdieck)

A boy on swing
Image Source: Flickr

Sitting in a wicker chair at an outdoor cafe ( © Alexander Alenin)

sitting in a wicker chair at an outdoor cafe
Image Source: 500px

Landscape fashion portrait ( © Cosmic Coita)

Landscape fashion portrait
Image Source: 500px

Woman blowing bubbles ( © Thomas Zsebok)

Woman blowing bubbles
Image Source: 500px

Outdoor photography ( © Alexander Alenin)

Outdoor photography
Image Source: 500px

Summer daisies ( © Tatyana Tomsickova)

Summer daisies
Image Source: 500px

Woman walking with horse ( © Dmytro Gilitukha)

Woman walking with horse
Image Source: 500px

Young cheerful lady taking selfie ( © Matej Kastelic)

Young cheerful lady taking selfie
Image Source: 500px

Summertime yachting ( © Gabor Galovtsik)

Summertime yachting
Image Source: 500px

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