Photocrati – A Review

Starting with PhotoCrati’s characteristics, it is highly affordable and in case you have experience in web designing, WordPress, or hosting a site; then it is easy to install and use. In case you don’t have the experience, it will be quite simple enough to sell your photos online once you figure out how to use PhotoCrati’s own instructions on their site.

Meanwhile, this is not a complete solution which most people look for, but you save to sign up for a host, domain, and install wordpress. But the added advantage is that it explains how to do all the actions in detail on their website.

You can use to setup your site without any payment (for a different domain name, you will have to pay extra for it). Another salient feature of this platform is that it provides the ability to create an e-commerce solution. This is the only WordPress themes which have e-commerce built-in to sell your photos online.

In PhotoCrati, there are over 60 different designs which one can flip between right out of the box. They all are part of one main theme; that’s why you have to switch them from inside.

The panel on this platforms also has “Quick Setup” instructions which will help you on how to get your website up and to run in very short period.

Then you can use the “Customize Theme” panel to change colors or any aspect of your site according to your wishes. The panel layout is simple and easy to use.

After setting up things, you will get to the final steps where you can create galleries. These are simple, can be followed easily and also give you different options for changing the galleries’ style. You can then put multiple galleries on the same page, and you can put an unlimited amount of galleries on your website. You can easily change photos, by simply removing them and adding others. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can re-arrange your gallery.

When it comes to customization, PhotoCrati has scored well. Its styles that you can think are easy and very quick to setup. All you have to do is decide what you wish to create and with the menu which is fully customizable, you can get anything you want from blog pages to captions or a film strip below the sidebar.


If you want to setup an impressive and brilliant photography website which is highly customizable and have great ease of change, PhotoCrati is what we recommend. Not only it’s inexpensive, but also takes very less technology knowledge to run your website. Along with this, you have great features like-commerce, no monthly or yearly fee, unlimited galleries and quick customization, just go for this platform.

So, go ahead and try this and don’t forget to share your experience with us. You can leave your views in the comment box below.

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