Photography Picdump – September 13, 2014

Picdumps are great, you get to see new stuff and innovative as, we randomly selected these pictures dumped them here for your inspiration today.

Hope you like it..

1. Mountains rising above the fog

2. Two woods, diverged on a path, Japan.

3. Durbar Square, Kathmandu.

4. First attempt at a silhouette type shot.

5. Wood for Trees

6. Indoors photography. What do you guys think of the framing and the colors post processing?.

7. Morning in the park

8. Would appreciate some critique on this, a picture I took of a traditional Japanese gate across Lake Ashi.

9. Ganges Morning Ritual. Varanasi, India

10. Peaceful River

11. Tiny camera! What do you think?

12. well let’s hear it… Room with a view Mykynos, Greece

13. Chinatown Storefront

14. one of the best photos i’ve ever taken.

15. 9 11 Stand alone for work. Too abstract? What ya’ll think?

16. Exploring the world of photography

17. A bit heavy on the HDR maybe, what do you guys think?

18. Ominous Fountain in Florence, Italy

19. Edited this photo with lightroom and Photoshop.