Polaroid iSO85 – A Review

Most of us like to take selfies when we are on vacation. It is quite a great feeling in holding out a camera and take photos of ourselves and our surroundings. The Polaroid iS085 is a waterproof camera which comes with front-facing LCD monitor which allows you to take beautiful pictures on your different adventures.

However, this camera doesn’t have good durability like other underwater cameras and doesn’t provide accurate selfie which makes it a tough choice for buying this camera along with its lack of features. Mentioned below are few of its features and other characteristics.

Features –

1. This camera may be waterproof, but you can only use it in the water pool. It can only sustain maximum depth of mere 10 feet for only 30 minutes which makes it unfit for adventures in open waters. Although this camera can take splashes along with capturing good quality photos under the water, you can’t go diving with this camera to take pictures and shoot videos. This camera is not freezeproof, and it can only work in temperature as lows as only 32 degrees Fahrenheit which is quite higher than other competitors which can work in 16 degrees. It also can’t sustain drops or pressures. However, this camera is dustproof and allows you to take images in the desert.

2. This camera comes with 16MP CMOS sensor which produces average images when it comes to a point-and-shoot camera. But its other image settings are a bi turnoff. It has quite a low range of ISO settings when compared to other compact cameras, and you can’t adjust the shutter speed according to your requirement. However, it does come with face detection feature and a self-timer.

3. This camera certainly lacks many additional features. It can shoot only 720p resolution videos but cannot record any audio. It doesn’t have any picture effects and not even a panoramic mode. You can’t edit the images within this camera and can’t even upload images using Wi-Fi.

4. The only thing worth mentioning good about this camera is its front-facing viewfinder. It comes with 2.7-inch rear viewfinder and can only use a 1.8 inch LCD to take perfect selfies. But this reason alone doesn’t make this camera a good proposition to buy.

Pros –

1. It comes with a front-facing viewfinder which allows you to take good selfies.

Cons –

1. It can handle the depth of mere 10 feet.

2. It lacks major features and its ISO range is quite low.

3. It isn’t durable and can’t sustain drops and crushing pressures.

Conclusion –

Polaroid iS085 is a waterproof camera which comes with great selfie capabilities but lacks durability, quality and different features you expect from a good waterproof camera. You can buy this camera only if you wish to shoot attractive selfies but you can’t use this camera for water based adventures, from white-water rafting to sea diving. This camera does come with front-facing viewfinder which is one of its few best feature.

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