Pregnancy – the field for creating masterpiece photos

Closeup shot of bare belly of pregnant woman. She's holding a flower by it.

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in every woman’s life. Expecting mother has so much to look forward to as she is moments away to giving birth. She wants to capture this special moment, her exciting journey. That’s why pregnancy photography has reached new peaks of popularity. It captures not only a woman’s beautiful round belly, but also the love and emotions that accompany the final months of her pregnancy. Maternity sessions have something special, different. They have a little bit of magic. Pregnancy makes a woman even more beautiful, it makes her ‘glow’.

Photographers tend to think about maternity sessions as a bonus session to newborn portraits. But being focused on maternity photos only can make you really popular in this field. Begin to experiment and take these kinds of photos to the next level. With a few photography tips below you can create a real masterpiece.

1. Be creative

Play around with poses and get creative! Stand on something in order to get higher. Shooting down on the belly it’s a sure way to create a slimming portrait. Ask your model to lie on a blanket so you can shoot from above. Tell her to turn around and try to catch her from different angles. Shooting the belly from the side allows you to see the curve of the back. And don’t forget about hands on the belly pose.

2. Involve a dad!

Ask him to touch her belly and try to capture this sweet moment. Adding dad to the image makes it more about the relationship. These photos will look alive, joyful and real.

3. Sitting.

Standing is important, but you want your model to feel relaxed. Sitting posing works the best when shooting families or couples. Make sure to make a few close-ups here. Focus on arms and of course on a baby bump. Make your model read some book or do some other activities.

4. Location

Where is the best location to take maternity photos? The options are endless here. There are three different locations that seem to be most popular – home, studio and outdoors. Keep an eye out for some fields, parks or fruit groves. To add some magic use sun as gorgeous backlighting.

5. Emotion

There is no time to be shy! Speak to your model about the process, and how exciting it is. Usually, people look very shy in front of the camera and you want your model to feel comfortable in posing. In order to get connected with your client, you can give them some piece of advice, like check this essay service if they have some other child. You can also ask various questions about the baby.

6. Wardrobe

Some women want to pose nude, some in the gorgeous dresses. Try to find a couple of clothing ideas so your client can see what options look good and photograph well. A dress with a flowing fabric will look amazing in the wind. Keep jewelry an accessories selection simple. Have fun with flowers! Floral crowns make maternity photos really sweet. The great idea is to change a couple outfits during the session.

7. Time

The timing of maternity photo shoots is crucial. The best time for shooting is between 28 and 35 weeks. After that things start to get uncomfortable for a woman, like getting up and down, for instance. In the third trimester, a woman’s belly is just the right size. It will look big and beautiful, but not too big that it is difficult to move around.

8. Family.

This photoshoot isn’t just about mom and dad. If your clients have another child, include them in all the fun too! Imagine this sweet moment – big brother or sister kissing a belly of their pregnant mother.

Turn maternity photography into your speciality. Being pregnant is a thing of beauty and moments like these deserve a timeless memory. It’s a time woman wants to remember and pregnancy photography lets her do it.