PrepAway Review: Why Should You Get Six Sigma Certification This Year

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There are many benefits that come with earning theSix Sigma certification and we at PrepAwayknow them all. First, the learning process is impacting your work as well as your future career. This certificate validates your commitment to enhancing your analytical skills and business intelligence. It also indicates that you are willing to improve the organization where you currently work. There is no doubt, the principles and methodologies of Six Sigma can be applied in different enterprises across various industries all over the world. PrepAway has prepared a list of benefits of Six Sigma certification for interested professionals.

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What is Six Sigma Certification?

Before we take a closer look at the different reasons why you should consider earning the Six Sigma certification, it is important to give a general overview of what this credential is all about. Six Sigma is a sophisticated set of systems and tools that are designed to enhance processes and procedures within a business organization. The major objective of the Six Sigma credential is to certify professionals who have the skills needed to recognize and eliminatedeffects and errors in business processes.

There are many skill levels available under the Six Sigma certification: Black Belt, Green Belt, Master Black Belt and Yellow Belt (not in a particular order). You can earn these certifications through an accredited organization such as the American Society for Quality. These credentials are designed to help individuals become specialists in procedure improvement. Earning certifications is also a great way to enhance your career potentials. As mentioned, there are a lot of benefits coming with earning the Six Sigma certification. We have highlighted these benefits below to help you make a decision on pursuing the credentials.

Benefits of Six Sigma Certification

  • Skills to Eliminate Errors

Withthe Six Sigma credential, you become a significant part of an organization thanks to your ability to discover and remove regular process errors. The certification is designed to equip you with the expertise you need to change organizational processesand increase their income. You will also be able to discover and eliminate potential errors which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and business loss for the organization. Specialists with this credential are able to help minimize customer complaints, schedule delays, invoicing errors, complaint resolution timeline and cost over-runs.

  • Ability to Enhance Processes and Maintain Value in a Business

The Six Sigma certification path shows the candidates a new world of knowledge where they can identify the attributes of business processes and procedures to analyze, measure, improve and control them. As a certified Six Sigma professional, you will have the capability to carry out an extensive review of business practices and understand their effects on the quality of performance in the organization. In addition to this, you will be able to achieve and maintain the required level of quality enhancement. You will be equipped with the expertise to monitor processes and ensure that standards are maintained and there is no deviation from the set procedures.You will have the skills to put a corrective measure in place to ensure that projects and objectives are put in proper perspective

  • Ability to Apply the Techniques across All Industries

Whatever industry you are working in, you can be certain that the Six Sigma certification will be relevant. This credential offers an industry-wide methodology and techniques that can be applied to different business sectors such as banking, electronics, aerospace, telecom, marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology and many other industries. Even if you plan to switch industry at some point in your career, you can be sure that your credential will be relevant anywhere you find yourself. This implies that earning the Six Sigma certification has a way of enlarging the scope of career opportunities that you can explore.

It is important to point out that earning this credential is not an easy task. You need to invest time and discipline in your preparation to be able to pass the exam. This is one of the reasons whythe Six Sigma certification is well respected among big corporations. Really, if you can pass the exam, then you have what it takes to work in any organization. Earn a Six Sigma certification to position yourself for a better career opportunity in your industry. Professionals with this credential have a broad knowledge in various methods of streamlining business processes and procedures, reduce costs, increase revenue and enhance staff acceptance, all of which ultimately lead to an improved return of investment.

  • Ability to Ensure and Maintain Compliance

Considering the strict values and principles of Six Sigma, process and manufacturing errors are minimized. The implication of this is that many procurers, vendors and managers in organizations use the standards of Six Sigma to evaluate accounts and products. With the certification,therefore, you will be able to assist your company to maintain highly profitable businesses as well as comply with international standards.

  • Nurturing of Managerial Skills and Ability

Six Sigma is not all about the certification. The learning process is designed to equip you for managerial and leadership positions.These positions imply the application of techniques of costs reducing, income maximizing and enhancing the effectiveness in the business processes. For instance, professionals with Six Sigma Black Belt are well equipped to become change agents in their organizations, in addition to full exposure to Six Sigma methodologies. These professionals also have the ability to lead the move to enhance the quality of services and products offered to business customers.

As soon as you complete your course and earn your certification, you are ready to execute any Six Sigma project. Risk assessment and financial management are parts of the core of the credential course, so you will be well-prepared for this kind of tasks.This certification is highly desirable because these skill sets are required for middle and top-level management specialists in any organization.

  • Better Salary Potential

The salary potentials for a Six Sigma certified professional is within the $100,000average. As a matter of fact, specialists with this credential are among the best-paid professionals all over the world.


We at PrepAway are sure that you have all the required skills to build a great career and all you have to do is follow the right path and earn the right certification. You are definitely going to enjoy a bright career in the near future, just don’t forget to visit PrepAway website and get vital preparation materials for your Six Sigma exams!

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