9 Ways To Promote Your Photography Business

Photography Business

Have you ever wondered how the big photographers make it? Many people know how to shoot photos, but what really separates the big names from the rest of the competition is knowing how to promote their business and get ahead of the crowd.

Of course, this isn’t easy work—but if you follow certain steps to promote your photography business, you’ll be well on your way to getting your name out there and turning your passion into profit!

Here are nine ways to get the word out about your business today and get ahead of the competition.

9 Ways To Promote Your Photography Business

Start With Portrait Photography 

A portrait photography business is popular in today’s online world, and having one would mean that you would connect with potential clients. 

Start with a high-quality professional portrait photography website and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Post content regularly on all these and build your audience, and soon, you will be able to expand to other areas.

Make The Most Of Your Social Media

If you haven’t already noticed, social media plays a huge role in many people’s lives. If you use it well and buy likes from SocialBoosting, it can be an effective way to promote your photography business.

It doesn’t have to take up a lot of time either. A few hours per week is all you need to stay relevant and attract new clients.

Here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Update Facebook at least once per day with new work, special offers, or promotions; you don’t want to bombard your followers with too much information, but one or two posts should suffice each day
  2. Use Instagram to showcase various shots that fit into various categories (i.e., portrait, landscape); follow other photographers who post similar content and engage with them by liking their photos and commenting on them when appropriate
  3. Link your Twitter account to Instagram so that whenever you post something on Instagram, it will automatically appear on Twitter as well (and vice versa)
  4. Post pictures on Pinterest
  5. Join Google+ and connect with other professionals in your field
  6. Make sure all of your accounts are linked together so that if someone likes one of your photos on Facebook, they will also see it pop up in their newsfeeds on Instagram and Twitter

Maintain A Flawless Online Portfolio

Having a digital portfolio is important if you want to promote your business effectively. 

When potential clients look you up on Google, they want to see images that show your best work. A digital portfolio allows them to navigate through your images and helps showcase why you are an expert in your field.

Make sure to fill out all relevant information about yourself, so it will be easy for people to find you online. You can also include contact information and links to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter using various social media marketing tools.

Ensure that all of your photos are tagged with keywords related to your niche so it will be easier for people looking for photography services in your area to find you online.

Invest In Advertising Your Photography 

Advertising is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website, especially if you can target a niche audience. Create and run ads that target keywords like “wedding photographer San Diego” or similar terms relevant to your market. 

You can also target users based on their age, gender, location, and interests.

Once you have an ad set up, track its performance with tools, like Facebook Insights, for example, so you know what kinds of results it’s getting (and how much it costs). If necessary, adjust your targeting to get better results. For more ways to advertise your photography, try to click here.

Collaborate With Other Photographers

Another surefire way to build your portfolio is to collaborate with other photographers and artists. Some will be happy to trade their images for yours—others may want a donation or ask that you give them credit for their work.

Collaborating can be as simple as going on an Instagram scavenger hunt, posting photos with a certain hashtag, or visiting sites where artists share their work, but the results will surprise you. 

And once again: don’t forget to tag and thank those who contributed!

Reach Out To Your Email List

Having a large email list that trusts you can be an extremely valuable asset to your business.

Make sure to create awesome content on your website consistently, and if you’re able to get your potential clients or customers to opt-in for your email list, you’ll have a direct line of communication with them that allows you to share great information with them over time continuously. Click here if you want to validate your email lists.

Encourage Referrals

A referral is one of your most valuable assets. Take time to cultivate them, and you’ll grow exponentially.

Make sure that you ask each client if they have any friends or family that may be interested in your photography services. This will help you build relationships with new people and keep current clients happy because they can feel like they are helping you out.

Send a card or write a personal email after every session to thank your clients for choosing you and ask to share your contact information if they know someone who would benefit from your services.

Thanking clients always puts you on their minds, so they will recommend you by name when they hear about someone looking for a photographer. 

Attend Portrait Photography Conferences

Portrait photography conferences can be a great place to connect with other photographers, learn new tricks and tips, and discover industry trends.

No matter what kind of photographer you are (family? event? pet?), there’s likely a portrait photography conference for you out there. Search your area for portrait photography conferences or attend one hosted by popular photo organizations like PPA or ASMP.

Volunteer Your Time And Photography Skills

Good old-fashioned word-of-mouth is always great for business. By volunteering to shoot local events, you’ll gain experience, meet new people and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Plus, you might make a few bucks while doing it. Who doesn’t like getting paid to do what they love? 

Set aside an hour or two each week for marketing efforts for every hour you spend doing volunteer work. Offer your talent in charitable events such as marathons, community fundraisers, and school activities.

The Bottom Line

Your business name and website should be able to speak volumes about your photography business but to make sure that happens, you’re going to have to put some effort into it yourself. It’s not something that will automatically happen overnight; you have to promote your photography business if you want people to come looking for it.

The nine tips above will help you promote your photography business using tried and true techniques that work.

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