38 Of The Best Rain Photography Samples

Rainy season is one of the best time for people because everyone enjoy the rain. For the photographer, this is also a right time to capture beautiful rain photography of nature, people, different locations, kids, animals, etc.

Sometimes while taking pictures in the rain, the quality of image get affected by raindrops like you may get some blur images.
But you should not get afraid of that, instead follow the following tips for Rain Photography and enjoy monsoon. Here in this collection you’ll also find few beautifully Photoshopped Rain Photography.

Tips for Rain Photography :

  • Purchase Waterproof Cover for Your Camera
  • Capturing the Photo in best Possible Time
  • Taking Shots without Reflections of Rain Drops
  • Use Raincoat and Umbrella
  • Choose your Best Subject for Photography
  • Use Flash in Camera

Catch Rain Drops

Rain photography 1
Image Source: Tumblr

With Friends

Rain photography 2
Image Source: Archzine

On The Way

Rain photography 3
Image Source: Tumblr

Beautiful Nature View

Rain photography 4
Image Source: Pinterest

Little Bird

Rain photography 5
Image Source: Pinterest

First Rain

Rain photography 6
Image Source: Tumblr

Rain Drops On The Road

Rain photography 7
Image Source: Flickr

Yellow umbrella

Rain photography 8
Image Source: Tumblr

Girls enjoy Rain With Banana Leaf

Rain photography 9
Image Source: Pinterest

Stunning Yellow Flower with Raindrops

Rain photography 10
Image Source: Tumblr

Couple Rain Dance

Rain photography 11
Image Source: Pinterest

Little boy with Umbrella & Raincoat

Rain photography 011
Image Source: Tumblr

Rainy view of city

Rain photography 13
Image Source: Flickr

Enjoy rain

Rain photography 014
Image Source: Weheartit

 Puddles by little Girl

Rain photography 15
Image Source: 500px

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Women in Raincoat

Rain photography 16
Image Source: 500px

Owl enjoy Rain

Rain photography 17
Image Source: 500px


Rain photography 18
Image Source: 500px

Beautiful Leaf

Rain photography 19
Image Source: 500px

Engrossed himself in the rain

Rain photography
Image Source: Browseideas

Dreaming in the rain

Rain photography 21
Image Source: 1x

Under the summer rain ( © Antonio Grambone)

Under the summer rain
Image Source: 1x

Nur ( © Leyla Emektar La_)

Image Source: 1x

Rain ( © Ümmü Nisan Kandilcioglu)

Image Source: 1x

Rain in Paris ( © Nataliorion)

Rain in Paris
Image Source: 1x

Raindrop keep fallin’ on my head ( © hardibudi)

Raindrop keep fallin' on my head
Image Source: 1x

After Heavy Rain ( © Slim Letaief)

After Heavy Rain
Image Source: 1x

Wet Leaves ( © Jessica Drossin)

Wet Leaves
Image Source: 500px

Rain, rain!!! ( © Lilia Alvarado)

Rain, rain!!!
Image Source: 500px

Making Rain ( © Laurens Kaldeway)

Making Rain
Image Source: 500px

Rainy day games( © Tatyana Tomsickova)

Rainy day games
Image Source: 500px

Rain dog ( © Danilo Biancalana)

rain dog
Image Source: 500px

Leaf Rain ( © Jeffrey Louhenapessy)

leaf  Rain
Image Source: 500px

Tears on the window ( © Milan Čarňanský)

Tears on the window
Image Source: 500px

Colors of Monsoon – Dancing Peacock ( © Sai Adikarla)

Dancing Peacock
Image Source: 500px

Wet Owl ( © Sham Jolimie)

Wet Owl
Image Source: 500px

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Rain soaked Apples ( © Soumen Nath)

Rain soaked Apples
Image Source: 500px

Mumbai Monsoon ( © vineet velandy)

Mumbai Monsoon
Image Source: 500px

Hope you liked the collection.


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