Recovery Quote – Fight against The odds

There has been days when many of us are hopeless, withered down and confused. Our existence seems like a formality to breath in and out. The darkness that surrounds us in those haunting period slowly takes away all the happiness we possess.

Some of us may be suffering through depression an anxiety because of our job or family issues. Some are frustrated with their condition of helplessness and lack of motivation. With time, things can turn ugly. That’s why we all need a glimmer of hope and we look for one more opportunity to get back on our feet and face the challenge with head held high.

We need to dip ourselves in stream of motivational content. Recovery quotes are among the best way to recuperate ourselves.  They help us in finding the lost morale and boost our will to survive. We require just one more chance and for that we have to gain back our confidence and remain consistent.

Mentioned below are few of the best recovery quotes which can help you in your fight against the Darkness of Bad Time.

Struggle with Insecurity


Leave a trail


Smile on road to Recovery




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