Ricoh WG-4 GPS – A Review

Ricoh WG-4 GPS comes with excellent durability along with all the best features one can expect from any best waterproof camera. It can work in water up to 45 feet deep and can sustain impacts making it crushproof. Mentioned below are few of its best features and characteristics.


1. Talking about the durability of this camera, it provides various photograph enhancement features which also include shake reduction system that assists in removing any blurring while taking a picture of any moving subject. It comes with 16.79 MP resolution providing clear photos along with its excellent image stabilization in case of action shots. In case you are shooting any moving object, all you have to do is press the shutter release buttons, and its focus will lock on to the subject. This helps in removing any chance of fuzzy images. Its face detection feature come with smile capture along with blink detection feature.

2. This camera comes with 4X zoom that allows the user to zoom in and enlarge the subject up to four times than its actual size. It also comes with a CMOS sensor that regulates light. It also has in-built electronic leveler that provides you the ability to line up your images before shooting them.

3. When it comes to image quality and underwater performance, this camera can take photos in 45 feet deep water and can also sustain exposure to water and cold temperatures. It also comes with a unique microscopic mode along with LED lighting. It takes use of six LED lights to illuminate the subject and then it focus up to 1 cm from the subject being shot. It also renders clear shot of objects which your eyes can’t see. With the use of macro mode and zoom, you can capture tiny objects too.

4. It comes with built-in GPS which records your location and logs it automatically. It also comprises of a digital compass with altitude gauge and water depth gauge. All of this are displaced on its LCD monitor.

5. It records quite easily, and you can shoot high-speed movies at an astonishing rate of 120 frames per second.

6. It comes with rechargeable Li-ion battery which can take around 240 images per single charge. You can record a movie for about 65 minutes and audio time is 270 minutes. It has internal memory of 70 MB, but you can increase storage by using a memory card.

Pros –

1. It is made up of reinforced polycarbonate plastic and aluminum. It is quite resistant to pressure in deep water and weight. This makes this camera quite durable.

2. It records phenomenal videos at 120 frames per second.

Cons –

1. It can take only 240 images on a single charge.

2. Its internal storage capacity is mere 70 MB.


This waterproof camera provides you all the best features that you expect. It can easily work under water and also takes great shots and videos on land. It is quite durable and easily works under water, in temperature close to freezing and even in wet snow. Its microscope mode allows you to shoot tiny objects which your naked eyes can’t see. This is by far one of the best waterproof cameras available in the market.

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