Ideas, Tips and Examples of Senior Photography

Senior photography is a way to showcase the youth and life of a budding adult, who are moving to their next stage of their life. So, the basic idea is to theme a picture that a senior is interested in or his interests that only a senior can tell.

The location of a Senior photography can be traditional that add context to a photo or shooting inside a studio with typical backgrounds. If it needs to be extra precise than props like lightings, hair, removing blemishes, etc. can be also included. This means your photographer needs to be supportive and have the ability to comfort those shy high school or college students, props for that matter can sometimes can students a bit staged, that can be avoided. Mile High Students needing senior photos for the yearbook visit Jackie at her Portrait Studio in Denver.

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Tips for Senior Photography

Its all about finding your style.

There are many sorts of photographers that are available for Senior Photography, but you need to look for those that match your style.

Decide what you need.

Let your photographer know what exactly your photo is all about. Do you need it for the school’s yearbook or maybe you want it to be delivered to your friends or family?

Tell the time when you need it

Every photographer will not be always available and if you have a deadline then be sure to convey it to your photographer.

Just after clicking

Tell all the requirement of file sizes and formats and remember to be patient as photography can be tricky, and one needs to wait for a perfect shot.

Examples of Senior Photography

Outdoor Senior Portraits


Blue Eyes


Conscious Beauty

senior photography

Brown Eyes With Smiley Face

beautiful senior photo

Shiny Face

senior photography3

Sweet Smile

Gorgeous eyes


Glitter Fun


Pretty Girl


Good Looking




So Cool




Serious Girl


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