Shutterstock – A Review

Shutterstock is one of the best microstock websites in the cyber domain to with over 76 million royalty-free high-quality stock, music, video and vetted stock images which is also well known for its quality and variety. It is also among the best choice of people around the world to sell photos online.

It’s a subscription-based model that allows the buyers who are looking for many images for editorial or commercial use a simple way to purchase images on a monthly basis rather than per image.

File Types Offered

Shutterstock photos are available in three various sizes: JPEG: Large, Medium and Small but it also has an Enhanced License TIFF option which allows you for unlimited runs for merchandising use or high-viewership commercial uses. Its licenses vary depending on the image size, the user’s intention whether it is for the commercial or editorial purpose, even how the image will be commercially used. It also has videos, illustrations, and other media items which can be used royalty-free.

Licensing Options

It has standard and enhanced licenses available which mean that most of the standard use are one-off scenarios that have few restrictions. Licensing can be made simpler by finding out exactly what you require it for and then by choosing the correct licensing option depending on your requirement.

One-Time Purchase of Credits

Shutterstock’s huge pile of royalty-free stock images are available to buyers, but it provides one-time purchases via its subscription plan which is called “On Demand”. This plan allows you to buy image credits in small pieces of 2,5, and 25 images. It also allows the buyers with the freedom to buy only a few images at one time instead asking the buyers to pay for a monthly plan, which still offers the buyer who requires for lots of images per month.

Shutterstock Plans

Here are three different royalty-free Shutterstock Subscription Plans that are available for the buyer: Basic, Professional and Team Subscription Plan. You can choose your plan depending on your requirement of stock images.

Few of the Pros of this site are that it is easier to browse and is aesthetically beautiful. Its interface is very user-friendly and it provides not just images but also all types of royalty-free multimedia.

Talking about cons of this site is that it is subscription-only model rather than offering the user the ability to just buy one image at an instant Subscription-only model instead of offering the ability to just buy one image at a time

Final Impressions

Whether it is a graphic designer, a small company or even an ad agency, Shutterstock images are most impressive for them. In case that a business heavily relies on such stock images monthly, especially in the case when they require hundreds of downloads. With its great pricing structure with its subscription plans, one can easily find the best plan according to the requirement.

With this, we end our review of this website. Do write to us. Share your experiences and suggestions in the comment section below.

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