Impressive Silhouette Photography

41 Impressive Silhouette Photography

Silhouette of a person, object or scene is an image in which the object appears dark because of backlight. A Silhouette presents outline of object with dark interior. Here are some tips and Impressive Silhouette Photography examples for you. Hope you’ll like them.

How to take Silhouette Photographs

1. Choose Object with Sharp edges
In Silhouette photography the object appears dark, which means the color, pattern, and texture of the object does not matter. While choosing the object to be photographed, we have to see that its shape is recognizable and Strong.

2. Turn Flash off
In Silhouette Photography you need a very little light on the subject, so if your camera is in Auto mode, you need to turn your camera flash off.

3. Get the right Light
In Silhouette photography we need light at the back of the subject instead of the front. So the best time for silhouette photography is during sunrise or sunset.

4. Separate Silhouette Shapes
If you are taking two or more that two subjects as a silhouette in your photo then make sure they do not overlap. For example, you want to take a picture of a tree and the animal then verify that the animal does not come in front of the tree as it will merge the shapes and the viewer may get confused.

5. How to take silhouette in Auto mode
In Auto mode, the camera will put the on your subject, but you do not want that, so press your button half way when the camera highlight your subject, point your camera to the brightest part of your picture and again frame the camera with your subject. Most digital cameras give silhouette effect with this trick.

6. How to take silhouette in Manual mode
The best part of using Manual mode is that you can make adjustments till you get satisfied. By adjusting the aperture and shutter speed, you can make the difference. Like to get darker subject slow down your shutter speed. Use a small aperture to increase the depth and get sharper background and foreground.
So you can make adjustments to get satisfied.

While Black subject looks amazing in silhouette photograph, you can also go for partial silhouette where little on the subject gives a 3d effect to the image.

Silhouette horses ( © wally hofker)

silhouette horses
Image Source: Flickr

Beach silhouette ( © Yoann JEZEQUEL)

beach silhouette
Image Source: Flickr

Silhouette Forest ( © Pete Biggs)

Silhouette Forest
Image Source: Flickr

Florence Silhouettes ( © Yury Prokopenko)

Florence Silhouettes
Image Source: Flickr

Silhouette ( © Ganesh Dabholkar)

Image Source: Flickr

Group of kids silhouette ( © টুটুল চৌধুরী)

Group of kids silhouette
Image Source: Flickr

Nature silhouette ( © Raj kumar)

Nature silhouette
Image Source: Flickr

Silhouette! ( © Agnisoonu K)

Image Source: Flickr

Silhouette of three boys on a trunk ( © Ronnie Dankelman)

Silhouette of three boys on a trunk
Image Source: Flickr

Beautiful Silhouette ( © هاله اليوسف)

Beautiful Silhouette
Image Source: Flickr

Flight of the Flamingos ( © Marco Mattiussi)

Flight of the Flamingos
Image Source: 500px

The Baboons & The Moon ( © Mario Moreno)

The Baboons & The Moon
Image Source: 500px

Lonely! ( © Spiros Lioris)

Image Source: 500px

Painter Artist “im” ( © malek altwijri)

Painter Artist im
Image Source: 500px

Don’t debase and stop,success is not so far…… ( © Krishna Kumar)

Dont debase and stop,success is not so far
Image Source: 500px

Exposure ( © Simon Roy)

Image Source: 500px

Giraffes at Full Moon ( © Tony Antoniou)

Giraffes at Full Moon
Image Source: 500px

The Giraffes at Sunset ( © Jenny Woodward)

The Giraffes at Sunset
Image Source: 500px

Venus Transit ( © Carlos Gotay)

Venus Transit
Image Source: 500px

F R E E D O M ! ! ! ( © Jodhie Panggalih)

F R E E D O M ! ! !
Image Source: 500px

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The Bear & The Moon ( © Mario Moreno)

The Bear & The Moon
Image Source: 500px

The Impala & The Moon ( © Mario Moreno)

The Impala & The Moon
Image Source: 500px

Balance of Power ( © Andrew Aveley)

Balance of Power
Image Source: 500px

The Photographer and the Paraw ( © Wilfredo Lumagbas Jr.)

The Photographer and the Paraw
Image Source: 500px

Russian Jump ( © Wilfredo Lumagbas Jr.)

Russian Jump
Image Source: 500px

Sunset at Erg Chebbi ( © Rui Pires)

Sunset at Erg Chebbi
Image Source: 1x

Big Fish ( © Shazeen Samad)

Big Fish
Image Source: 1x

Descending ( © Regy Kurniawan)

Image Source: 1x

Our World ( © Fauzan Maududdin)

Our World
Image Source: 1x

A Piece of Golden Poem ( © Harry Sulistio)

A Piece of Golden Poem
Image Source: 1x

Out of heaven ( © Annemieke)

out of heaven
Image Source: 1x

Two Balloons ( © Tomer Eliash)

Two Balloons
Image Source: 1x

Rainy Memory ( © djeff act)

Rainy Memory
Image Source: 1x

Sunrise in Uganda ( © Nicolás Merino)

Sunrise in Uganda
Image Source: 1x

Fly-in at Sunset ( © Shenshen Dou)

Fly-in at Sunset
Image Source: 1x

Watch her disappear ( © ambra)

watch her disappear
Image Source: 1x

Silhouette ( © Yoann JEZEQUEL)

Image Source: Flickr

Photographer’s silhouette in Table Mountain ( © Yoann JEZEQUEL)

Photographer's silhouette in Table Mountain
Image Source: Flickr

Sweet shot ( © Laura)

sweet shot
Image Source: Flickr

Wonderfully creative shot ( © Mats Anda)

Wonderfully creative shot
Image Source: Flickr

A beautiful Mother and kids Silhouette ( © Mats Anda)

A beautiful Mother and kids Silhouette
Image Source: Flickr


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