17 Smart Ads to Inspire your Brain

Mercedes-Benz Christmas advertisement

Ads play very important role in business, and good ads are really beneficial. No one has time to see all printed ads, only innovative and attractive ads look inviting. Here are 17 brilliant , eye catchy and wonderful ads that you can’t  ignore. Hope these ads will inspire you.

Fill in carefully: an ingenious ad for a tattoo parlour

Mercedes-Benz Christmas advertisement

WWF – Horrifying / More Horrifying

Best ad I’ve ever seen on campus…

A friend of mine got this “parking ticket”. Excellent outside-the-box marketing

Sears optical ad

“As Real As It Gets” – Adobe Photoshop

“For some this is Everest” clever ad promoting easier access for disabled people

Anti-anorexia ad from Brazilian agency Star Models

Bosch – Invented for Life print ad

Dutch Stutter Foundation ad

“Get them off your dog.” – FRONTLINE Flea & Tick Control

Solves every washing problem – Total

Advert for “Sultan – King of Sherwanis” in an Indian newspaper

Fiat Brazil’s anti-drunk driving ad: “Now you see it. Now you don’t”

Vinyl decals and kick pedals were attached to various items in busy downtown areas as a way to promote BackBeat Studio’s drum lessons

Dogs Trust poster campaign opposing the giving of dogs as Christmas presents