SmugMug – A Review

No one knows the value of online presence more than professional photographers. Many photo sharing services allow users to upload and store albums which are filled with images that can also be shared through email and social media. SmugMug is among the top photo sites which provide photo editing, printing and in case, enable the user to sell their photos online.

Sharing & Storage

Talking about storage option for various subscription plans, all of them are same. No matter which subscription you choose, SmugMug offers its member with unlimited storage capacity for images and photos. You can upload photos up to 50 MB each and videos up to 3 GB each. When it comes to uploading the images and videos, it takes less than 30 seconds to upload 65 MB. A major part of this speed is because of drag and drop uploading feature.

One of the salients features that makes SmugMug unique is its online backup service. The SmugVault is an extra that allows you to add to any kind of account. This feature gives TIFF, RAW, PDF, PSA and even Excel and Word documents a secure place to store. Use this fault to store all the originals of edited images in a safe and secure location.

Paid Perks   

This website is the best regarding boosting visibility. SmugMug provides adjustable SEO setting for titles, meta descriptions, file name keywords, and galleries. The help section has tips for getting more traffic to your page.

After gaining your traffic, you will surely want to protect your photos. In today’s online scenario, it is quite easy for other people to find photos that belong to you and claim them as their own. SmugMug provides right-click protection and custom watermarks but unfortunately, it is for expensive plans.

In case you already own business, then SmugMug’s costlier plans have eCommerce options along with an automatic branding and storefront. Anyone can sell their photos as physical copies or digital downloads at their price and can easily use customized packaging for the orders. Customers can also order your work on museum-quality canvas, mugs, photo cards, stickers, etc.

Help & Support

This photo sharing site has top class support options with a FAQs page, email address, user and support forums, popup tips along with live chat for site both site and photography help. This site is very easy to navigate and use but in case you need business or artistic support, and SmugMug will help you out. This website is quite simple and mobile device friendly.


With the unlimited storage which is great offering to keep photos online and the capacity in case of uploading photos is especially fit for DSLR users. While its comprehensive plans are quite expensive for many casual users but it also offers help with Marketing, SEO, eCommerce and Branding.

In case you try this site to sell photos online, don’t forget to share your experience. You can submit your views in the comment section below.

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