57 Awesome Examples of Fashion Photography

fashion photography

Fashion photography is one of the eldest forms of photography. The history of this type of photography goes back to the year 1856. Fashion photography is nothing but just a form of normal photography that finds applicability in the commercial usage such as modeling. Further the photographs are used for some more practical usage such as magazines, hoardings TV commercials etc.

The fashion photography is one the most commercially used form of photography. In 1909, the first commercial Fashion photography came into light with a French Magazine publishing some photographs captured in professional studios. Fashion photography has emerged as a vast-scoped profession in the recent years.

The photography is just an art of pure expressions. Whatever happens in this world is beautiful (other than some tragic moments) and it should be presented in front of whole world in a better viewable manner. The one who has got the ability to do this thing neatly is the one who can rule the field of photography.

Fashion photography is none other than being a follower of the same protocol as other branches of the photography. Fashion photography is widely used mainly for the purpose to set trends. It is not an easy task to make people fall for your style, but if done seriously, it is very much possible to make the world flow with you.

Glamor, money, name, and fame everything is associated with this fashion photography. The fashion photography makes a beautiful representation of anything according to the needs of time. A fashion photographer needs some important stuff before proceeding for the actual work out. As usual a high standard camera, a great location (outdoors or indoors), a supporting staff and of course a model. The Better the Photographer, better would be the printed output. It’s all about the efficiency of a photo artist that makes it possible to convert a dead location into a magical one.

In this article we are going to get some perfect examples of fashion photography. Have look at the hard work done by various fashion photographers round the globe and enjoy. Have a happy stay here!

Fashion photo of young magnificent woman in red dress

Pretty woman with long flying dress

Girls in black and gray dress in designer studio on a gray background

Emotional portrait of fashion woman in exclusive dress

Conceptual fashion portrait of a beautiful young woman

Pretty woman in black dress with mask

Portrait of beautiful woman with elegant hairstyle

Fashion models posing for a shoot

Portrait of elegant luxurious woman in trendy gold sequin party dress

Top view of a beautiful winking girl

Women’s accessories. Concept of femininity and beauty

Color art high fashion portrait vogue blond sexy model fine collage with no faces

Pretty and young girl sitting on a rusty metal bridge

Conceptual beauty portrait of beautiful young woman

Amazing Model posing and Jumping

Fashion photo of a young woman with long eyelashes

Model dressed in fur

Studio fashion photo elegant girl in dress

Fashion woman in striped dress on striped background

High Fashion model woman in colorful bright lights posing in studio

Fashion photo of a beautiful elegant young woman in a pretty suit with flowers holding handbag posing over pink background

Woman Summer Fashion

Fashion couple in sunglasses lies on a white background, smiling happily and surprised

Indoor portrait of a young beautiful fashionable woman wearing stylish accessories

Beauty Fashion model girl black and white portrait, wearing stylish sunglasses

High fashion portrait of young elegant woman

Beautiful blonde young woman wearing fashionable clothes sitting on stairs

Photographer: Victor Demarchelier

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Photographer: Sebastian Kim

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Photographer: Tom Craig

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Photographers: Andrey & Lili

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Photographer: Viviane Sassen

Image Source: Iiiinspired

Photographer: Standa Merhout

Image Source: Anneofcarversville

Photographer: Sergi Jasanada

Image Source: tumblr

Photographer: Paul Schmidt

Image Source: Anneofcarversville

Photographer: Lachlan Bailey

Image Source: Tumblr

Photographer: Henrik Adamsen

Image Source: Liquit

Photographer:Bo Brinkenfalk

Image Source: Fashiongonerogue

Photographer: Arthur Elgort

Image Source: Tumblr

Photographer: Alan Gelati

Image Source: Wmagazine

Photographer: Tim Walker

Image Source: Tumblr

Photographer: Horst Diekgerdes

Image Source: Horstdiekgerdes

Photographer: Galliano

Image Source: Tumblr

Photographer: Punsiri Sirivechapun

Image Source: Fashnberry

Photographers: Steven Gomillion & Dennis Leupold

Image Source: Muzeagency

Photographer: Alice Hawkins

Image Source: Alicehawkins

Photographer: Arnaud Pyvka

Image Source: Alicehawkins

Photographer: Camilla Akrans

Image Source: Lundlund

Photographer: Sergey Smirnov

Image Source: 1x

Photographer: Ambra

Image Source: 1x

Photographer: Azalaka

Image Source: 1x

Photographer: Margarita Kareva

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Photographer: Martha Suherman

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Photographer: Hosein Shirvani

Image Source: 1x

Photographer: Faizal Besari

Image Source: 1x

Photographer: Nuno Silva

Image Source: 500px

Photographer: Svetlana Melik-Nubarova

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