25 Matchless Rat Images by Ellen van Deelen

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Ellen Van Deelen’s work in photography is worth watching, especially her beautiful composition with rats. Her quality of pictures and colors are admirable, and the beauty and warmth of images is visible.

25 Clever Fox Images that will capture your mind

The foxes are well known for their cunning nature, and this is predicted by watching the way they attack their prey. Despite their active behavior, their differed fur color, triangular face, furry tail and pointed ears attract photographers towards them.

45 Scary Cute Cat Pictures

Cats are very cute and friendly which makes them one of our favourite pets. They are strong, quick and have flexible body. We can easily socialise them and they adapt well in the family. They may look scary sometime but mostly they need attention just like kids. The way they take nap look innocent, they… Continue reading 45 Scary Cute Cat Pictures

30 Real Wildlife Photography Images And Tips

Wildlife photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography. Wildlife photographers usually need good field craft skills. For example, some animals are difficult to approach so the knowledge of the animal’s behavior should be there to predict its actions.

41 Cute Baby Elephants Pictures and Videos

Baby Elephants are damn cute; they are so adorable that you cannot afford to miss them doing things they do. Here is a tribute to World Elephants Day from Cool Digital Photography.

41 Adorable Dog Pictures

Dogs are the most loyal and affectionate animal. Their are many breed of dogs which exist but i personally like the pug. Dogs can easily adjust in a family which not only means you have a loyal friend, it also means that you are secured. If properly trained dogs can protect you from certain dangers.… Continue reading 41 Adorable Dog Pictures

31 Cute Frog Pictures

You must have seen frogs jumping around your grass. I don’t know about you but I find them cute. They make sound which is annoying some time just like kids, but still we love them.