Fall In Love With 3D Wallpapers

Every screen, be it a laptop or desktop has a wallpaper that brings in real character, in you. Many of the designer that I have worked with have always placed something related to designing, art and Illustration, so today we bring you 3D wallpapers for making your screen look beautiful.

17 Best Levitation Photography Tutorial and Examples

Levitation or floating in the air is thought to be impossible by many. In reality, this is very much possible and the only requirement is that you need to have total confidence in yourself, with a strong belief of achieving it. Also, rest your hopes on Photoshop as you can obtain levitation photography with this… Continue reading 17 Best Levitation Photography Tutorial and Examples

Echoes of War

Sergey Larenkov – His photographs of the siege of Leningrad and St. Petersburg really got lots of name on internet and are famous too. so we present some really nice photographs by sergei, where past and present meet in Moscow, Berlin, Vienna, Prague..