The Most Charming Cities in the World

“Cities in which the eyes and a pleasure to be, and the soul is not boring. They do not claim to be the capitals and cities, and some names you may hear for the first time in his life, but the “feel” of them remained with me all my life. Some are noisy, some quiet diffused in the air. Many of them are united by several factors: historical buildings, small or, conversely, a large old town, the small population and the fact that all these beauty covers the protection of UNESCO. The latter, alas, inevitably leads to the flow of tourists. But even with this point – is the city which has its own atmosphere, which has its own face, long aftertaste and my eternal desire to return to them, “- especially for Bigpikchi tells Peter Lovygin .


Potosi (Bolivia)


1. In the 17th century was one of the most populous cities of the Old and New Worlds, but then Paris and London grew, and ended in Potosi silver in the mountains. And Potosi turned into a steep Bolivian province with traditional female egg capsules in a poncho, leading llama on a leash and wearing elegant hats, yes houses in colonial style. Hang and hang out in Potosi with its cheapness and nontraditional security for South America can be quite easy for several days.


3. Rostov (Russia)


4. Founded in the 9th century, 30 000 people.


5. Local Kremlin draws in the surrounding huts for themselves, and expanse of Lake Nero, which is all this beauty, only disturbs the local Roma, scoop out water for household needs.Rostov solar, rustic summer as a child, deserted after 7 pm and so powerful at the same time, that is beyond words.


6. A traditional North African port city in the yellow-blue colors. Jimi Hendrix was not exactly a fool by Essaouira their home in the 60s.


7. Porto (Portugal)


8. Gaia Miragaia, Ribeiro, Bonfim … With tall Eiffel Bridge shows how to climb up the roof krasnocherepichnye. The author of this post is not exactly a fool, select the port to their home for the next few years.


9. Siena (Italy)


10. Yangshuo (China)


11. From the central artery as West Street, where except wooden members do not sell, Yangshuo has a very large and beautiful surroundings. Xingping, Shangri-La, walking on a raft down the river past the quaint hills of … The day you can take a proactive for every taste. But nightlife in Yangshuo is not far behind. Werth under “Tender May” chickens grilled horizontal grill so that they can play table football. Spinning grandmother in versions of qigong and grandfather on a swing.




13. Rishikesh (India)


14. Around the corner from a quiet start Rishikesh Himalayas. Here, far away, in the next world, originates the Ganges. She is still clean, and all the burning corpses – they are downstream. It is in Rishikesh, the world center of yoga, India with the help of “The Beatles” that visited here in 1968, entered the western culture.

Riga (Latvia)


15. Riga is so quiet and comfortable, it would be strange if there is still at least something happened.


16. Ples (Russia)


17. Reach MAGIC. Buddha was born here, live life and die. The place for him. But the Buddha replaced Levitan and locals eventually rolled in smoked fish. And as all good beginning. But to hold a complete buzz on the nature and ease of the day can be quite two.


18. In the evening sunlight plёsskom fine and parked near the shore of the boat, and the local drunkards that as sadhus guard on the shelves of bream and rarely dressed young ladies came out for an evening stroll …

Oaxaca (Mexico)


19. Fabulous city of Oaxaca as if created for some ideal canons. There is nothing superfluous, and seemed likely enough. From the central market to the main cathedral of the city fall in love with. On top of Oaxaca is rich in attractions located nearby – Ueve del Agua and tree Aueuete among them.


20. Dayan. Old Town of Lijiang (China)


21. Dayan – is a direct China-China. Roofs of the Old Town are bent at all – from bins to each ATM. The only problem – it’s the crowds. Dayan visited 5 million annually. Imagine what is happening on the streets? 99.9% – the Chinese. My eyes narrowed themselves.


22. But Dayan lovely and nightlife. Everything is buzzing again the entire Old City! Of the numerous nightlife smoke belching, where in the spotlight on stage dancing goblins go-go, or someone yells into the microphone, or drum and bass sounds at all great empires and the audience, armed with a special bottle, bludgeoning them there urine on the table … not a city but a thrill!

Cusco (Peru)


23. The road to Machu Picchu, Cusco but for me the more interesting and lively than the world itself is the attraction.


24. In a short, like all Peruvians, Cusco cobbled streets covered with coca leaves and filled Quechua Indians, and so steep that when it rains the water is accelerated to such an extent that one Inca grandmother blew over, and only a few days at the foot of the mountains found its imposing high hat.

San Cristobal (Mexico)


25. Miniature San Cristobal filled Mayan, whose women in sheep’s clothing after hours mopped marketplace. And then sit down in a form on the minibus and fly away to the Sabbath in neighboring Chamula. Already for this show is worth to love San Cristobal.


26. Cartagena (Colombia)


27. Citadel of Cartagena as if woven from one house, stretched all along the streets, from one flower pot, replicated on all the balconies, one plump Negro women feed their fruits of the whole world. The city, which has become a backdrop for “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Garcia Marquez, where everywhere you go – everywhere go out to sea. For the sea around, although sometimes it seems that the sea is just inside. Ball poorly served with angular, flies through the Caribbean …


28. Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

29. All the ancient Yogyakarta are outside the city, but the city itself is without a doubt I would have put on the first line of the most energetic and atmospheric cities in the world.
30. Along the central Malioboro from start to finish – countless markets, rickshaws, edalni … crowned this throbbing artery amusement park, where in the absence of minimum security features heard by most real miracles. Small COMI-shirts in alcoholics, similar to each other, like salted mushrooms in jar on a shelf in the Nurse … They are demons dispersed carousel planned over the crowd, gripping the railing, leaking at full speed through the fence, ran on a twisting canopy and, like bats, curled, hanging under it – that is, without any insurance sang everything from what can break and fly away from this planet.
Varanasi (India)
31. All Indians dream to die in Varanasi. And if you do not die, being burned here by the waters of the Ganges. At its ghats with eternal fires and sticking out of them charred body parts can watch endlessly. Already 5 meters away from me and 3 meters away from the fire group of Indians such rollicking “Dance Dance”, which is still a little bit and come holiday of Ivan Kupala and start jumping over the bonfire. This picture fits the viewfinder in one frame, and in this frame is the whole India.
32. liters pours into the Ganges Pantene Pro-V, then there’s the river and the city room. The sky over the city and the river is occupied by war kites. Leski them stretched from one coast to the other, so that all these mountains of laundry that washed in its waters, can be dried and across the flow. And while women in saris did not think about and just laid these shirts, shirts, pants and kilometer sheets in the sun so that the satellite can read the magical symbol Om. Sticking out of the water such overgrown beard head of the Fathers, it is unclear how they search on the face of all this, your mouth when you should eat.
33. Bhaktapur (Nepal)
34. Bhaktapur before the pleasant and cozy, you do not understand right away, or the moment all this Potemkin village. It seems that Genghis Khan rode with an army here yesterday. Not in the sense of destruction, and that “yesterday” is very ancient.
35. Mountain covered terrace planting cabbage and rice. Clothes dryer are ancient statues, and laundry turns into a game of “Guess the deity under his shirt.” All the signs of heaven there.
Bukhara (Uzbekistan)
36. Bukhara oriental tale covers the heart. Everything here seems to be out of the sand, which osypetsya with the first wind, but it’s too forever. Carousel at the Ark fortress circling my love.
37. Bruges (Belgium)
38. Chamber and rallied Bruges. Cohesive – because all the houses are so plotnyachkom each other that seem to have been friends for several centuries. One of the few cities where the atmosphere makes the architecture. Otherwise, he did not like me at first. And speaking of all the aphorisms of famous film about Bruges’ city like a fairy tale, your mother! How can it be fabulous city not to his taste ?! Canals, bridges, churches! Fucking fairy tale, and not to his taste ?! There fucking swans swimming, and they, their mother, not to his taste ?! “
39. But nightfall Bruges began to move out of the ‘hole’ in the … well, not to big light of love, but in the category of something cozy and his. This is consonant with its candle light in the local basilica and nod casual visitor bar that came with my glass of wine sit on the sidewalk in front of the establishment. Apparently, at first simply not enough to someone, as in the finale of the film, since that sverzanulsya Belfry. And after that – at least where!
40. In the battle of the Old and the Old Baku Tbilisi won the Georgian capital. I was too in love with twisted house Avlabari, Sololaki and Abanotubani. Tbilisi, it seems to me, from all of this list is the only city that I know by heart. If I zasyadu for a description of what it warms me, it would take too much space.
41. Antigua Guatemala (Guatemala)
42. Although Antigua and is the main tourist center of the country, the charm of the city is not a hindrance. Visitors are still little. Local colonial Spanish architecture of the first in Central America came under UNESCO. Mayan all staff continues to run from my camera, painted buses rush race, otherwise the peace and quiet.
44. Milan: eat, feel and live like a local


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