Top 10 Landscape Photos of the year 2013

Move to New Zealand and aim the camera in random directions.

Its time to welcome New Year, 2014. So lets say goodbye 2013… in wonderful way by having a look back at top 10 Landscape photos of the year. Here you’ll see each picture is unique in itself and effort of photographers is noticeable. Hope these photos gives a good start to the year and may this year bring love, Success and Happiness to your life… Happy New Year !!

Glow Worm Cave in Waitamo, New Zealand ( © forevergone)
Turquoise Ice, Northern Lake Baikal, Russia ( © Alexei Trofimov)
Caught one of the best rainbows of my life today above Lake Louise on top of Mt Fairview ( © freakalicious)
How to get 40,000 Karma: Move to New Zealand and aim the camera in random directions ( © treyratcliff)
Winter Bliss near Mt. Hood, OR ( © Alan Howe)
Mount Kilimanjaro viewed from Masai Mara, Kenya ( © sprocket34)
The Big freeze is beginning and the ice is starting to take over Moraine Lake ( © Jesse McLean)
Phantom Ship Island, Crater Lake, Oregon, USA ( © YoureTerrific)
Autumn in the Swiss Alps ( © Robin Halioua)
The eruption of Reventador in the eastern Andes of Ecuador ( © karmicviolence)