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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Next Event Should Have a Photo Booth

Planning an event, whether a birthday, wedding anniversary, reunion, or business engagement, can sometimes be challenging as you need to prepare something that your guests will enjoy and treasure, such as a fun and exciting activity or a heartwarming token. Because some events only happen once or very rarely, taking photos became a trend. Pictures, as they say, can tell thousands of stories and can serve as a keepsake of the event. Hence, having a photo booth in your event is highly recommended.

A photo booth is a service that includes photo booth operators or photographers and assorted props that guests can use when taking photos. The photos are edited and printed on site for guests to have and keep. The service can be customized according to your event and can last from an hour to several hours depending on your preference.

Photo Booth

Here are five reasons why you need to set up a photo booth in your next event:

1. Provides customized souvenirs for every guest

Nowadays, people of all ages love to take photos in every event of their life. Daily routine, food, scenery, and other exciting things people experience are now documented and uploaded to social media. This practice is much more appreciated during events.

Although guests can take photos of themselves using their mobile devices or cameras, hiring a photo booth service such as the Captiv8 Photo Booth Hire brings photo taking a notch higher the following can be done:

  • Wear various props to make extraordinary photos.
  • Get the custom-print designed photos in a couple of minutes, which are worth to keep as souvenirs.
  • Have unlimited printed photos that can be black and white or colored with effects.
  • Have the photos edited right after taking the pictures.
  • Acquire digital copies of the photos for easy sharing on social media.

Surely even if all the guests have brought their cameras, they wouldn’t miss going to the photo booth and getting personalized souvenir photos from your event.

2. Guests expect it

The purpose of planning an event is not only to satisfy yourself but, more importantly, to please your guests as well. To do this, you need to exceed their expectations for your party. Whether your event is a formal or informal one, guests are expecting to have that one spot in the venue to take fantastic solo or group photos.

Photo booths with its various props such as headgears can answer their expectations. With a photo booth around, they will surely have a place to take pictures without interrupting or distracting other guests.

Moreover, because people love photo booths, it has become a favorite activity during events. Because of its increasing popularity, guests expect it in every event that they attend.

3. Breaks the dead air

Idle moments are inevitable in an event. For instance, the participants or entertainers of an event need to take a break after their presentations or performances. While they rest, guests are left without nothing to do. To prevent dead air during your parties, have a photo booth in place. Guests would spend their time taking pictures from the booth instead of being bored while waiting for the next part of the program to begin.

Dead air can also happen when guests are waiting for the special guests to arrive or for dinner to be served. Installing a photo booth in your event is a unique way to break that dullness. Photo booths can give your guests the following experience:

  • Guests of all ages can enjoy it so no one is left out in the table.
  • Bonding with friends and other guests is made easy with the presence of booths. Just take a picture with anyone, and voila, you made an instant friend.
  • It provides a fun experience especially if your photo booth has a design, such as a coffin booth for a Halloween-themed party. The pictures can have special borders and effects, too, to go with your theme.

4. Creates an unforgettable event

Because people love to take photos of themselves, everyone will surely try it and have his or her own picture taken. Every guest who tries the photo booth will get his or her printed photos with the event name, date, and even photos of the celebrator. If the photo is posted on social media such as on their Facebook accounts, it will forever be remembered as it will pop on their memory feature year after year.

So, every time they look at the photos, they will remember you. Moreover, if your photo booth is special or uniquely styled, your event will stand out from other events your guests have attended. They may even vouch for your party as the event of the year.

5. Suitable for any occasion

Not all activities or gimmicks are appropriate or acceptable in all events. For instance, a rock concert doesn’t fit a formal wedding reception. However, a photo booth can be included in almost all kinds of events. It can even add elegance to your event as long as it is designed according to your theme. For instance, you can install a heart-themed booth for a wedding or a fairy tale theme for birthday balls. It can even become the highlight of the venue where everyone is eager to have their pictures taken.

Moreover, it’s this activity is hassle-free because you don’t need to assist each guest to take their photos. They can participate in the activity themselves with the help of one or two hired photographers. So, as an event planner or party host, you can have the luxury to enjoy the party, too, without worrying about entertaining your guests all throughout the event.


Imagine your event without a photo booth. Your party may be successful and fun but it may not be as memorable as events with photo booths. Photo booths do play many significant roles to make your event exciting for everyone. Memories created by taking photos are priceless and even have a higher sentimental value as time goes by. Moreover, it also feels good that you, as the event planner, created an entertaining and unforgettable event for clients and guests. To make your photo booths even more attractive, hire professional photo booth services.

Image Credits: Photo Booth from Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock


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