Top 6 Ways to Make Money from Photography in 2018

Make Money from Photography

Photographers don’t have it easy. When they first start taking photos, they don’t probably don’t do it for the money; they likely do it for the pure joy of taking photos. After that, however, they start wanting more and more from their photos. They want better quality and a sense that their photos are actually beginning to matter.

For that reason, photographers begin spending tons and tons of money to “build up” the perfect photography kit. Cameras, lenses – these things are very expensive. So if you’ll be feeding money into a hobby, you might as well gain profit from your photography. Here are a few ideas for you to do so.

1. Start Doing Photo Shoots

Every professional photographer probably starts out this way – with photo shoots of diverse people. Ideally, you should have your own photo studio – or the budget to rent one. Still, this is not always a necessity, since most clients prefer outdoor locations.

Stalk for great places to take photos of people – and look for events as well. There are countless people out there who want to commemorate a special day, even if they are not in a studio. A young aspiring model around some beautiful ruins, a married couple on a green mountain landscape – you don’t need more than a camera to get things going.

Start by taking photos and building a strong portfolio. A website will also never hurt. Spread the word, and orders for your services will eventually start flowing.

2. Upload Them To a Paid per View Photo Sharing site

If you have a collection of photographs you can submit them to a paid per view photo sharing site. This is a new and unique way of earning a passive income for your photos which costs you nothing – and furthermore cost the users viewing your photos nothing.

Websites like these work in a similar manner to the way YouTube monetises videos and Spotify monetises music. Not only will you gain a small income from this, but you will also spread the word about your photography skills. Plus, obviously, the more popular your images become, the more money you earn every time you upload new images.

3. Join a Photo Contest

There are countless contests nowadays where aspiring photographers can submit their work. These contests target different types of photographers, regardless of their level and expertise – so you shouldn’t be afraid to join one even if there are experts lining up.

If you don’t win the prize, don’t let it get you down. Simply submitting your pictures for the contest will not only boost up your confidence, but it will also help you gain some exposure. Before you know it, you might be receiving offers to provide your photographer services.

4. Do Freelance Work

Many newspapers and magazines will pay a good amount of money to get some pictures on certain events. It might not bring you steady income, but it will sure be enough to get you started.

The more pictures you take for a certain publication, the stronger your relationship will be with them. At that point, you will be their go-to when it comes to taking pictures – and it might as well just turn into a full-time job.

Generally, one of the freelance jobs you can try to make money from is being a product photographer. Product photography is a type of photography that captures a product at its best appearance. It’s also known as ‘commercial photography’ since it’s usually utilized by companies and business organizations to promote their products by showcasing their features. It uses certain elements, including camera angles, good lighting, an appropriate background, and other framing elements, to make the product more enticing to customers. 

Moreover, being a product photographer can be considered a lucrative job since many companies and business-minded people include product photography in their marketing campaigns. That is because businesses can benefit from this type of photography in various ways. For instance, quality product images can help convey brand identity, influence customer behavior, drive web traffic, promote trust and credibility, give them an edge over their competitors, and boost sales.  

For these reasons, there’s no question why many professional freelance photographers offer product photography services to help companies prosper. Accepting product photography jobs can also allow them to hone their skills, generate more money, and connect to different brands in the market. Hence, if you have the skills and expertise in product photography, start accepting freelance product photography gigs now to gain the benefits it offers to your career and financial situation.

5. Start a Blog

The one main reason why people create blogs is because you can make good money out of it. Sponsored content is on the rise, and you can gain a steady amount of income just through ads and blog posts.

If you are passionate about writing as well, it’s even better. You can write tutorials, write reviews on different types of photography gear, and offer tips for aspiring photographers.

If you are more of a “video person,” you can go for a YouTube channel instead – where you will basically be doing the same thing, only through videos – or “vlogs.” Bear in mind that your YouTube channel or blog will need to have a fair amount of subscribers before you can begin making money from it.

6. Become a Paparazzo

Celebrities might hate you for it – but paparazzi photographers are very well paid. If you live in an area where celebrities are a daily occurrence, you should take advantage of it. Get some press credentials, invest into a compact high-quality camera, and start “stalking.”

As a beginner, you might want to start as a freelancer – but over time, you might want to consider joining an agency. This way, you will be able to gain some steady income – and not just bits and pieces thrown at you by a publication.

Practice makes perfect, and the more pictures you take, the more people will start to know you. Once you have gained some exposure, it will be easier for you to make some money out of photography.

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