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There are places and activities where tourists themselves are unable to take good photos, such as scuba diving, rafting, paragliding, northern lights excursions, amusement parks with great amusement park management, cruise ships and many more.
In such circumstances, professional photographers are typically provided by the company to help customers carry home a proper photo memory of their experience.

If you run any similar business, then TourPhotos is just the thing for you!

It will help you manage and deliver the photographs from your activities, excursions, and attractions to your customers. You will be able to choose whether to sell or make your photos available for free (SELL plan or GIVE plan).

With its endless features and tools, TourPhotos guarantees you, your photographers and your final customers an extremely user-friendly, customizable and professional experience.

Let us have a look at some of TourPhotos main features:

  1. Integration with your websites– You would receive a link to root your new photo store into your website.
  2. Calendar page– TourPhotos comes with a calendar page where customers can easily find their photographs.
  3. Customizable design– You can customize your TourPhotos store’s look & feel. Add your own logo, change the background colors, fonts etc. to match the design of your own website.
  4. Social feature – Photos can be directly shared on several social media, and guess who takes the credit…your company, of course! This will help your google ranking and get your company amazing visibility.
  5. The cloud space is unlimited– Photos can be uploaded or downloaded anywhere and anytime. There is no limit to space.
  6. High resolution downloads– provides photos in high resolution. You won’t get any file compression.
  7. Price manager – Assign single or batch prices to the photographs.
  8. Discount codes– Create and manage discount codes on the basis of maximum usage and minimum items.
  9. Sort photos- In addition to the calendar, you will be able to sort the photos by excursions/activities, to help your customers find their own even more quickly.
  10. Creating additional galleries– You can create additional galleries. Like “best of”, “portraits” or “landscapes” etc. both, public or private / password-protected.
  11. Individual logins for the employee– Create individual profiles and logins for your photographers and employees, for them to upload the photographs they take, monitor downloads, sales rates etc.
  12. Incentives to the employees– Incentives encourage employees to work better: assign commissions to your employees/photographers for their outstanding work!
  13. Watermark protection– This feature will prevent photographs being downloaded or copied without permission.
  14. PDF sale reports- TourPhotos will automatically generate and send receipts to your customers and monthly sale reports to you and each of your employees. Thus, accounting is made easy ?
  15. Technical support– You will find technical support 7/365. If you have any kind of queries their professional staff is happy to help you out anytime.
  16. Collect External Commissions– Do you know anyone who might need TourPhotos? For each new user you bring, TourPhotos will pay you 5% commission on all their sales!

Wow! So many unique features.  And all above the mesmerizing photographs. Travelers are sure to reach the company’s website and book their travel package. What else a travel company or its customers can look for?

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