5 Travel Photography Tips For Beginners

1. Wake Up Early, Stay Out Late

The early bird gets the worm. I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase. Waking up early means you’ll get less tourists and photographers. Just reach early, right when it opens, and you’ll pretty much have the place to yourself!

2. Pre-Trip Location Research

Try reading travel books about the destination. Search on the internet for travel articles and travel blog posts to help you with ideas for photos. Talk to people who have already been there. Become more efficient about the images that will capture the essence of a beautiful destination.

Some of the best tools for travel photography research are Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Image Search. You can use them to know where perfect locations are for your photography. 

3. Rule Of Thirds In Photography

One of the most basic photography tip is to understand the Rule of Thirds, which will help you create more balanced compositions. Try breaking an image into three horizontals and verticals, so it’ll split into different sections.

The main goal should be to place essential parts of the photo into those three sections and help set the overall image to be eye-pleasing.

4. Patience Is the Key

Photography is all about seeing what is in front of you and not just with your eyes, but with your heart & mind as well. It requires dedicated time and full attention. Slow down and make a conscious effort to become more aware of the surroundings before pressing the shutter.

Pay attention to small details. You must try sitting at a photogenic corner and wait for a subject to pass. But, if you don’t have the patience to give, you might miss a fantastic photo!

5. Shoot your photos in Manual Mode

If you are new to travel photography, you may not know all the camera settings that need to be adjusted. It includes ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. In case you want the best images possible, you’ll need to know the relationship between them and change these settings on your own.


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