10 Best Online Services to Outsource Wedding Photography Editing

Being a wedding photographer, have you ever thought about addressing wedding photography editing services? Both you and your business can get better if you decide to outsource the image editing. Reverent wedding videography company is quickly becoming the top choice for Texas brides because of the quality of their job.

Just think about how much time you will free up by doing that? That is extra time with your family or friends, the time you can spend on honing your skills or simply working at those weddings!

Moreover, you can also make your clients happy. How? It is a common practice for such services to finish the wedding photography edit within a week, while a regular photographer needs more than that, especially during the wedding season. For more options, read here about the best photo-editing software.

Does it sound convincing? Then continue reading to find out which service is the best in terms of price, quality, and speed.

Here’s the task that was given to 10 services: “We need high-quality wedding photo retouching. We need retouching of the face because the skin looks imperfect. Also, please do color correction to make the face look brighter against the colorful natural background.” This rating has been created based on the photos we received as a result.

1. FixThePhoto

Website: Offers great full-size before and after previews with all the changes they have made outlined. FixThePhoto does all kinds of photo editing and retouching.

Price: Culling is offered at $0.05/photo, color correction is $0.20/photo. There is a possibility of batch photo post-processing. Complete wedding photo edits are offered with two plans, Light ($99) or Professional ($159).

Packages: Light wedding retouching for $99 and Professional for $159.

Levels of editing: From Culling to High-End retouching.

Ordering: You need to register and confirm your registration via email, then you can upload your photos in any format not larger than 100MB.

Response/working time: Very fast; they answered immediately and the photo retouching result was delivered the next day.

FixThePhoto http://fixthephoto.com/ are rightfully at the top of this rating.

They are a group of professional photo retouchers that have impressive experience in editing event and wedding photography. The photo retouching and editing are done according to your style or any special instructions you provide.

If you don’t like the result, they will make revisions until you are perfectly happy. Another amazing advantage of FixThePhoto is their 24/7 customer support, that is always happy to assist with any question concerning the photo editing or registration.

As for the wedding photo retouching, you can choose the following services:

Beautiful bridal photos, with services like color correction, vibrancy, contrast, shadows adjustment, reddish skin retouching, stray hair removal, body Liquify, and wrinkles removal.

Natural wedding photography edit makes your photos look impeccable but still natural. Perfect in case there was bad lighting and you need to remove skin imperfections and blemishes, and whiten teeth. Read more about useful photoshopping portrait tips http://fixthephoto.com/photoshopping-portraits.html to make photos realistic.

With a clipping path service, you can be sure that any distracting objects will stay in your photo. That includes removing people, objects that do not look good or do not add to the composition of your photo. As a result, you will get a perfect wedding backdrop.

Magazine Look wedding photo edit is great if you want to go full glam with your wedding photos. This will be done by FixThePhoto professional retouchers in Photoshop. They will work their magic and turn even amateurish photos into magazine-worthy shots.

The photo editing is done skillfully – retouchers performed not only professional portrait retouching, removing dark circles under the eyes and skin imperfections, but they also worked with hair, which resulted in a perfect, still a very natural image. Color correction helped make shades lively. This is the best result of all we got.

2. WeeditPhotos

Website: They offer various kinds of photo retouching, all the way from wedding to product photo enhancing.

Price: Prices range from $0.20/photo for Culling to Extra level, which is $20/photo.

Packages: Two options for weddings. “Wedding Light” – $99 (Color Correction up to 700 images, $0.14/photo), “Wedding Pro” – $159 (Color Correction up to 700 images, basic edit up to 20 images, extra edit up to 5 images).

Levels of editing: From Culling to Extra.

Ordering: You register via email, payments are made with PayPal.

Response/working time: They reply within a couple of minutes after you place an order. The working time may take up to 36 hours; the experiment photo took them 24 hours.

This is the second-best service out there. They specialize in a variety of photo retouching types, including wedding, landscape, product, etc. Their website is quite user-friendly and well-designed.

WeEditPhotos http://weedit.photos/ receive a lot of good reviews online. You will be pleasantly impressed by their website, which provides a ton of interesting and helpful information about photography and photo editing.

 You can find a lot of beautiful before and after images with sliders that you need to move to see the final edits. Sometimes the photos are provided with detailed descriptions of what sort of changes were made.

The professional team will work with the clients until they are happy with the outcome. Customers in this field can be very demanding, and, judging by the positive feedback WeEditPhotos receives, their affordable wedding photography edit services are quite popular.

You can get a discount if you want to order more than 700 images. There are also additional special discounts for the wedding season, which is amazing.

They will work with any file sharing service so that you can easily get your photos back. Also, the turnaround time. You get stunning and naturally-looking photo editing very quickly.

In case you need only color correction and basic wedding photo retouching, you will get your photos back even quicker. Finally, they work according to your individual photography style.

Great work with the image. Deserved its second place. The colors are saturated, but natural, retouching of the model’s face is done at a professional level, and we especially liked the work with eyes.

The result looks very realistic. We can recommend this service.

3. Wedding-retouching

Website: This is definitely our number one when it comes to website design, especially the price list page. This is a wedding photo editing service but can work with portrait photography as well.

Price: The prices start at $0.05/photo for culling, to $10/photo for Advanced photo retouching.

Packages: “Wedding Light” – $99 (color correction up to 700 images, $0.14/photo), “Wedding Pro” – $159 (color correction up to 700 images, basic up to 20 photos, advanced up to 5 photos)

Levels of editing: from Culling to Advanced.

Ordering: Register via email, Facebook or Google account, upload files up to 50MB.

Response/working time: In just two minutes, they replied with an email that their work will be done within 48 hours; it was actually done within one day.

Wedding-Retouching http://wedding-retouching.com/ really live up to all those positive reviews you can see online. The site is convenient with beautiful photo samples.

This service specializes in editing wedding photos so their blog focuses mainly on that – wedding editing tutorials. The prices they offer are put outright in a clear format, there are two packages on offer.

By outsourcing the whole wedding photo shoot to them, you can save yourself a huge amount of time. Make sure you give clear instructions as to which photos should be selected at the culling stage and what kind of image editing you want to see in the end.

Moreover, you can easily upload a very big number of images because the service gives you a lot of options for that – Dropbox, Wetransfer, Google Drive, or even their own website, where you can upload up to 20GB of data.

We did not really expect another result from the company, which is engaged in wedding photo retouching. Qualitatively and interesting.

In addition to professional skin improvement, which we are completely satisfied with, retouchers enhanced makeup, bringing some bright accents to it. The picture with such color correction looks absolutely eye-catching.

4. HighEndBeautyRetouching

Website: Their services are targeted at those, who need high-end retouching of their photos.

Price: The rate is between $10 and $150/photo, the highest price is for the Ultra Magazine quality.

Packages: No package offers.

Levels of editing: High-end retouching only, different levels of high-end retouching (from simple to Ultra Magazine).

Ordering: Registration doesn’t take much time; they work with any file format.

Response/working time: They replied within 30 minutes after the registration and finished the work in 48 hours.

This service specializes in high-end image retouching. Their website is user-friendly, the previews of their work are quite attractive.

However, the prices start at $10/photo. Our request turned out to cost $20 and the job was done quickly and according to our instructions. Unfortunately, they only do high-end retouching and don’t take orders for lower-level photo editing.

The highest level they offer, called Ultra Magazine, can cost up to $150, however, as you can see from the previews on the website, the quality of these photos is simply outstanding. This is the type of professional photo retouching that can be published in a magazine or ads.

They don’t actually offer specific wedding photo edits, like culling or color correction. There are no package deals or seasonal discounts, however, the level of picture retouching beats that.

This is a perfect option if you want magazine quality retouching of just a couple of selected photographs.

Good image retouching and nice color correction. We like how natural the shades look after color correction and the way this service retouched the groom’s clothes. The result is lively and qualitative and the bride now looks more elegant.

5. Nuderetouching

Website: Focus on nude and boudoir photography, a great website with plenty of examples.

Price: Prices range from $5 to $15/photo.

Packages: No package offers.

Levels of editing: From Standard to Complete+ level of photo editing. You can’t get just culling or color correction.

Ordering: You need to register before placing the order, files are accepted in any format, RAW included.

Response/working time: The managers contact you pretty quickly; our order was done in 24 hours.

A rare find among websites that provide photo retouching services. This website specializes in boudoir and nude photography. Our experimental photo was not what they would normally do, however, they accepted it and had it improved in a day.

The design of the website with dark and muted colors matches the type of services they provide. You will find tons of great examples of their work, all of them are of amazing quality. It seems like skin retouching is their strong point. In all of the picture examples, the skin looks impeccable and absolutely natural.

You won’t be able to tell which parts of it have been edited without the before image.

This agency receives a lot of positive reviews online; all of them highlight the exceptional quality of the photo retouching they deliver. However, our opinion is not based on the reviews but rather on the work they did with our test assignment.

NudeRetouching doesn’t usually do wedding photography editing, hence, they don’t provide the necessary services. However, if the bride opts for boudoir photography, you should definitely consider them for the job.

The picture retouching level is professional, body and skin retouching is top-notch.

Despite the fact that the company is mainly engaged in nude photo retouching, they successfully coped with wedding portrait post-processing.

The skin looks perfect, all glares have been removed. The color correction is done really professionally, so it is almost invisible and the final image looks absolutely natural.

6. Shoot Dot Edit

Website: Convenient and easy-to-use website. Tons of picture examples, prices, and services can be found quickly. You can also find additional information, which may be helpful.

Price: They work on a subscription basis only. Unfortunately, you cannot place a single-photo order.

Packages: No package orders, but you can get a monthly subscription.

Levels of editing: The levels they have, range from culling to basic image editing.

Ordering: You need to register, and then place an order. They work with all file formats.

Response/working time: They wrote back in 30 minutes, the job was done in 24 hours.

ShootDotEdit is one of the popular services with generally high reviews. However, the main disadvantage a lot of users point out is their pricing policy. Unfortunately, you can only use their services if you pay for a monthly subscription.

In addition to the pricing, a lot of users are unhappy about the fact that there are no before and after photo examples on the site. So, unless you know someone, who used their services and can share his/her experience, there’s no way of knowing what to expect from them.

We managed to get a good result with our test photo, as ShootDotEdit specializes in editing wedding photos. If you are worried that during the culling process, they will not include some of the images you like, just make sure you put them in a separate folder and talk about that with your personal editing specialist.

So, if you are planning to outsource your editing on a regular basis, you may consider them. However, if you need such services only a couple of times a month, you should probably try some other agencies.

At first glance, the result looks good, but when you examine the picture in detail, you can notice some serious mistakes, which make the models’ faces unnatural. One of such mistakes is blurred skin – the retoucher has gone overboard. We aren’t satisfied with the result.

7. Photographers Edit

Website: Stylish UI with plenty of samples. The agency mainly deals with wedding image retouching.

Price: Their prices range from $0.14 per photo for Culling and up to $40 for Custom retouching per photograph.

Packages: No package offers, but you can create a Premium account that will give you some benefits while placing your order.

Levels of editing: Retouching levels range from Culling to Advanced.

Ordering: Before placing your order, you have to create an account and upload your photographs in RAW or any other popular format.

Response/working time: time: We got a reply within 15 minutes and the order was assigned a deadline of 36 hours. The results were delivered after about 30 hours.

Photographers Edit is a relatively new wedding photography edit agency. While it may initially seem that they only accept wedding photoshoot orders, that isn’t exactly the case.

Their primary services include culling, color correction, and various types of image retouching that can be performed in photos of all genres. Speaking about pricing, a single photo will cost from $0.14 to $5 or even more.

Culling is the primary service that this agency offers, but you can only get it by also ordering color correction. From our experience, the order placement system is unnecessarily complex and clunky, which might put off beginners.

You have to choose how many images you’d like to get improved and what percentage of photographs requires color correction.

Sadly, the color correction service can’t be requested separately without being combined with other services. The final price is determined by the number of images you’ve ordered. Alas, a client doesn’t have the opportunity to pick which specific photos he/she wants to have edited.

You’ll also have to pay an additional fee for uploading RAW images and it isn’t clear what the turnaround time for editing wedding photos is.

Photographers Edit has small service packages for wedding photographers, but don’t offer any discounts during the popular wedding seasons and don’t have high-end photo retouching, which is quite disappointing. 

This photo retouching isn’t really successful. Though retouchers tried to keep the photo as natural as possible, color correction spoiled everything.

The yellow color made the model’s face overexposed, her eyes became yellowish, which makes you think that the model is ill. The photo retouching leaves much to be desired, so we can’t recommend this service.

8. The Image Salon

Website: The site is convenient and simple to use.

Price: Price points vary from $0.27-$0.50 per picture for Lightroom Toning and up to $1 for each minute of Photoshop retouching.

Packages: Package photo editing.

Levels of editing: It’s hard to determine the possible retouching levels since they simply offer Lightroom toning, Photoshop retouching, and additional two services titled Quick & Clean Edits, Basic/Basic+ Editing.

Ordering: You can make your order once you’ve completed the registration process and sent the photos that need to be edited in any format.

Response/working time: We’ve received an email half an hour after sending the order, which was completed within 24 hours.

The Image Salon is a respectable wedding photo edit agency that strives to adjust their retouching services to all their clients’ needs regardless of the style they’re working in. Their services can be broken down into three tiers: Quick & Clean Edits, Basic/Basic+ Editing, and Portrait & Custom Retouching.

The company’s portrait retouching service isn’t only limited to wedding photography editing but is also available for all other genres. The service provides a broad range of adjustments from smoothening the skin and making it less red to background and flaw removal.

If there’s a specific adjustment you need that isn’t listed, you can request it in a special field when placing an order. Sadly, color correction will cost you an extra $0.5 per image.

The price of other image retouching manipulations isn’t specified due to how the service works.

It’s hard to determine how much editing of a certain number of photos will cost since the price is based on the time a retoucher spent on enhancing your image. They also don’t have any package offers or seasonal discounts which is very strange for an agency that specializes in wedding photography edit services.

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the result of this image retouching is the strange work with the Liquify filter because of which the girl’s face has become disproportionate. Besides, they have overdone skin retouching.

9. SmartPHOTOeditors

Website: The website is very inconvenient. Figuring out which services are offered and their prices is really difficult.

Price: Prices vary from $0.5 for the Clipping service up to $1.50 for image retouching.

Packages: No package deals available.

Levels of editing: Understanding what levels of photo retouching are present is difficult. They offer photo editing for different types of images from portrait to product.

Ordering: Orders can be placed once you’ve registered an account an uploaded your photos in your preferred format.

Response/working time: They contacted us about 45 minutes after we placed the order. The results were delivered within 30 hours.

Given the fact that this agency doesn’t specialize in wedding photography edit services, it’s hard to judge how efficient their functionality is for this type of photo retouching. They don’t have any package plans or discounts, and their retouchers are used to mainly work with product and portrait photography.

You can also order vector graphics from this agency, but that’s of little interest to wedding photographers.

One of the worst works among all the services we addressed. Everything in this photo looks unnatural – the teeth and whites of the eyes are too white, which even looks scary.

The skin is blurred which has nothing to do with its natural state. In addition, the retoucher went too far with sharpness, which adds another strange effect.

10. Evolve Edits

Website: Looks standard, but is overloaded with distracting animations.

Price: The prices range from $0.3 for Color Correction to $150 for each photo when ordering Signature Edits.

Packages: No package editing, but you can get a Premium Membership subscription.

Levels of editing: Range from Color Correction to Premium Edits.

Ordering: You can make an order once you’ve completed the registration and attached the photos in your preferred format.

Response/working time: Our order was accepted 20 minutes after we’ve made it, and we received the results after 24 hours.

Evolve Edits is a reputable company that mainly offers wedding photography editing services. It has several levels of image post processing including Deluxe Edits, Retouching, Color Correction, Signature Edits, and Premium Edits.

Additionally, you can order their SM management and photo album design packages.

Even though this service specializes in wedding photo edits, we were disappointed. The prices are too high and the provided results don’t justify them. As for this service, I can’t name a single positive thing about their photo retouching. We can even say that it is absent. The retouchers blurred skin, tried to correct colors, which they didn’t succeed in, and sent what they got to the client. I don’t understand what we pay $10 for!

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