What Poker players can learn from Anton Chigurh (1)

What Poker players can learn from Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men)

What can we learn from a ruthless hitman?

He is the man of mystery who knows how to get inside the mind of his target. We are talking about none other than the unstoppable– Anton Chigurh.

There are lots of things for a Poker player to learn from Chigurh – The man who takes bold decisions without any hesitation. Played by Javien Bardem, Chigurh is the most intriguing and fascinating character of the Coen brothers’ movie ‘No Country For Old Men’.

Here are some amazing lessons Chigurh teaches us about determination, patience, and decision making:-       

No holds barred

Anton Chigurh is crazy and fearless. He understands that he has to go beyond the limits to achieve what he wants. He intimidates his targets, but in a cold and calculated manner. In a Poker game, it is not possible to get the premium cards in every hand. To win, you need to manipulate the thought process of your opponent to make him act in your desired way. It’s important to keep in mind that aggressiveness works better than a defensive approach.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Anton Chigurh is a man of principals. Even without the clear understanding of morality, he has some strict rules for himself which he follows religiously. If you are a beginner, you can find it tough to spot the best opportunities to implement the strategies and techniques at the tables that you have learned through books, blogs, or video tutorials. You know how to play Poker, but due to your lack of experience, you are not able to develop strategies and take quick decisions as per the dynamic situation at the game table. To improve your chances of winning the game, you have to constantly improve your game through practice and training. You have to learn how to categorize the opponents based on their playing style.

Strategic Thinking

Chigurh believed that if you have too many choices with you, the chances of being confused increases a notch higher. So to decide any person’s fate, he always does a coin toss. This way, the coin determines his next action.  A poker player should learn to limit his choices as well. When you have too many strategy alternatives, you find yourself unable to select the right one. Poker is not a game of random guesses. You have to apply critical thinking and probability concepts to analyze the situation and choose the best possible decision from all the available alternatives.

Rather than following the game-play of successful players, it is advisable to create your own strategies as per your game knowledge, skills, and understanding of human psychology. You can win once or twice due to the ‘luck’ factor but to achieve long-term success, you need to learn each and every aspect of the game such as basic Poker rules, hand raking, table positions, bankroll management, pot odds, bluffing, and players’ behavior. As real money is involved, learning how to play seemingly unplayable hands and make bets out of position is necessary.

Preparation is the key to success. Anton Chigurh is a madman, but he knows the importance of taking calculated risks in order to succeed in his missions. He takes his own sweet time developing strategies and finding resources to execute his plans. He even survived fatal encounters due to his foresightedness and zeal to achieve his goals.

Why Chigurh is the best in what he does? Because he always maintains his calm even with the odds are against him.  He knows how important it is to resist temptation and stay focused on achieving his goals.

All the above-mentioned personality traits help you greatly in learning how to respond positively to failures and overcome fear in order to survive and achieve success in the long at the highly-competitive Poker tables. If you want to test our your newly-gained gambling knowledge, you can go to https://www.sbobet-thai.com/reviews/bet365/.

Image credit: Poker players via LightField Studios/Shutterstock


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