Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 from Britain

To learn photography you first need to observe what other award winning photos have within, this article will showcase the recent British Wildlife Photography Awards that have multiple categories of Amateur and Professional photographers.

The winning picture ‘The Tourist’ was taken by Lee Acaster. His image depicts a Greylag Goose in London. “It was a real privilege to have such a close encounter with a wild bird in the very heart of London,” explains Lee Acaster. “I vividly remember the excitement I felt as she patiently waited for me to get the shot, and I knew immediately this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m just grateful that she didn’t lose interest as quickly as my children do when I’m taking photographs of them.”

There are sixteen separate categories within the awards, including a special film category for Wildlife in HD Video and three junior categories to encourage young people to connect with nature through photography. Below: Shag resting, taken in Northumberland by Steven Fairbrother
Picture: Steven Fairbrother

Otter and puffin, Shetland Isles, Scotland by Richard Shucksmith

Grey seal claws, Lincolnshire by Jim Greenfield

Autumn jewels, Cairngorms, Scotland by Peter Cairns

Window gnat, County Antrim, Northern Ireland by Susie Hewitt

“A life at Sea for Nesting Gannets”,Shetland Isles, Scotland by Ruth Asher

On the prowl, South London by Joshua Burch (16yrs) – winner of the 12 – 18’s category

British Seasons: Spring hares taken in Derbyshire by Andrew Parkinson

British Seasons: Summer hares taken in Derbyshire by Andrew Parkinson

Autumn hares, taken in Derbyshire by Andrew Parkinson

Winter hares, taken in Derbyshire by Andrew Parkinson

‘Blue on black’, Blue Shark, Cornwall by Alexander Mustard. ‘The sinuous shape of a blue shark (Prionace glauca) as it cruises beneath the surface of the English Channel. Penzance, Cornwall, England, British Isles. North East Atlantic Ocean. Chum (dead fish) was used to attract the sharks. Slight canvas expansion in Photoshop to enhance composition’- Alexander Mustard

‘Big blues’ taken in Cornwall by Alexander Mustard

Green and red telephone box taken in London by Philip Braude.’Ivy creeps throughout a working telephone box near my home. Using a wide angle lens I tried to create a sense of both being inside the box but also the ivy creeping around the viewer’- Philip Braude

Winner of the Under 12’s category- ‘Dipper with grubs’ taken in Dumfries, Scotland by Wiliam Bowcutt (11yrs.) There will be an exhibition of over 100 images and videos, including winning and commended entries at the Mall Galleries, London, beginning on Tuesday September 2nd and is open until Saturday 6th September. For full details of opening hours please visit the Mall Galleries website. A year-long tour of the exhibition will follow. Over 100 shortlisted images from the award are part of a book, British Wildlife Photography Awards: Collection 5 (AA Publishing, £25).