Brilliant Moments from Wildlife Photography

30 Brilliant Moments from Wildlife Photography

Can you imagine how hard can it be to take photographs of wild animals? Yes, its damn hard, wildlife photography is one such profession where people risk their life to take photos daily.

It’s hard to believe that photographers do so many things to take the perfect shot, with all those hiding, camouflage and running for their life. Some animals will make you run if you follow them for long.

So, this time when you see a great shot from wildlife, just remember how much effort did it take, and what the photographer must have gone through.

1. First Wildlife Photos in National Geographic

First Wildlife Photos in National Geographic
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

2. Silly Walk

Silly Walk
Image Source: 1x

3. Golden Eagle Attack

Golden Eagle Attack
Image Source: Blogspot

4. Jane Goodall With Chimp

Jane Goodall With Chimp
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

5. A Red Wolf

A Red Wolf
Image Source: Joelsartore

6. Green Snake Closeup

Green Snake Closeup
Image Source: Burrardlucas

7. First Snow Leopard Photograph

First Snow Leopard Photograph
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

8. Face Control Alaska Style

Face Control Alaska Style
Image Source: 1x

9. Mountain Hare Rolling in Snow

Mountain Hare Rolling in Snow
Image Source: Flickr

10. Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

11. Golden Lion Tamarins Ride

Golden Lion Tamarins Ride
Image Source: 500px

12. The Gathering

The Gathering
Image Source: 1x

13. Siberian Tiger Conservation

Siberian Tiger Conservation
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

14. Gotcha

Image Source: 500px

15. Puffin

Image Source: Wildlifephotography

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16. Hawaiian Monk Seal With Crittercam

Hawaiian Monk Seal With Crittercam
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

17. Sweet Green Eyes

Sweet Green Eyes
Image Source: 500px

18. Chameleon

Image Source: Teamsuperforest

19. Tiger Snapped by Camera Trap

Tiger Snapped by Camera Trap
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

20. Green Vine Snake

Green Vine Snake
Image Source: 500px

21. Yawn!

Image Source: Flickr

22. Lionesses Drinking

Lionesses Drinking
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

23. Habitat

Image Source: 500px

24. Startling! Albert Einstein; back as a bird

Startling! Albert Einstein; back as a bird
Image Source: Flickr

25. Crocodile by Camera Trap

Crocodile by Camera Trap
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

26. Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard
Image Source: 500px

27. Trusssst in meeeee

Trusssst in meeeeee…
Image Source: Flickr

28. Carmine Bee-Eaters

Carmine Bee-Eaters
Image Source: Nationalgeographic

29. Lazy Whoppers

Lazy Whoppers
Image Source: 1x

30. Monkies

Image Source: Brighthub


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