World Photography Day 2021 – August 19th

World Photography day 2021

A photograph is something that creates a memory for life. Regardless of what kind of medium one is using – digital image, a film, etc, a photograph is something that is for life. Feeling emotions become more intense with a perfectly captured photograph. Considering the importance of a photograph, we celebrate World Photography Day.

Know All About The History of WorldPhotograph Day

World Photograph day is a day dedicated to the art of photography. This day is celebrated on 19th August. Originally, a photograph was introduced by Nicephore Niepce in 1837. At that time the photograph was made using silver chloride coating on a piece of paper. The photograph turned out to be fully dark as expected by him. He knew that there was no way using which the silver chloride could be removed from a paper.

This day is celebrated to recognize the craft behind the history of photography. This world photo day originated when the Daguerreotype was invented. Although, Daguerreotype was not a permanent photographic image. It was 1861 when the 1st durable color photo was taken by Thomas Sutton. This set included black-and-white photos that were clicked through red, blue, and green filters.

How To Celebrate World Photography Day?

What is a better way to celebrate world photography day than going out and clicking some pictures yourself? The best way to pay a tribute to the art of photography is to find your camera and enjoy a walk outside while clicking a few pictures of the things you connect to. Once, you have the pictures of all the things you found interesting – make a collage of them and set it in a frame with a nice quote depicting the photography day.

Another way to celebrate the world’s photography day is to visit the museums with cameras holding events that day. In these kinds of events, some museums even explain the history behind the day and tell everyone about the major discoveries in the industry. If this is not you, you can also book a studio and click a few quirky pictures.

Of course, this is for the people who love to click pictures and build paper or digital memories. Those who just love to admire photos must also enjoy this day (World photography day) to the fullest. You can go online and look at some photographs taken by famous photographers. One of those iconic photographs includes photos of Yousuf Karsh’s photo, Kevin Carter Pultizer’s prize-winning photo, Foreman’s famous picture capturing women falling from the fire escape.


Every photograph speaks of a story. Warmth, heat, excitement, etc, a single photograph can capture loads of emotions. It is no surprise that there is a day to celebrate the art and enjoy the memories. Every 19th August brings in the moment of pride for all the professional photographers, filmmakers, and inventions that came into existence in the world of photography. So, if you are looking forward to this day – World photography day, here are some ways you can make the most of it.

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