5 Professional Interior Photography Tips

Interior Photography

Whether it is for sharing the interior of a property you are selling, showcasing the comfy ambience of your new retail space, or simply sharing your interior to fellow homeowners, making great interior photos can be very important and a craft in itself.

In order to let the ambience of the room as well as its beauty show, you need to take the interior photos the right way. To help you get started, here are the five professional interior photography tips you can follow right away.

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Use a Wide-Angle Lens…

…but control the distortion it produces. A wide-angle lens allows you to show more without being limited by the actual space of the room. Wide-angle lenses also make rooms appear bigger and more spacious, which is always good for interior photos.

The only downside to using a wide-angle lens is distortion. You may see the edges of your photos buckling slightly; in some cases, lines appear more like curves than straight. These issues are easily fixable in post-production.

Shoot from Waist Level

The tempting thing to do is place your camera in front of your eyes – or to your eyes so you can see through the viewfinder – and take a snap. You may end up with a great set of interior photos this way. However, shooting from eye level isn’t the best way to do it.

What you want to do instead is shoot from waist level. It neutralizes the distortion more effectively and gives a more pleasing field of view. It is a rule to follow when shooting interior with one exception.

Play with Angles

Yes, that exception is when you want to be more creative with angles. Take a look at the stunning interior photos by TeskeyMediaworks and you will immediately notice how the design company is really smart with the way they use angles.

Lower angles are perfect for showing majesty and accentuating high ceiling and large interior elements. Higher angles are perfect for warmth and for showcasing the lighting features of a room while accentuating space.

Get Close

Just because you want to show the interior of your house or retail space, doesn’t mean every photo has to show everything. What you should not be afraid to capture are the details found in the room; they are as important as the bigger picture in interior shots.

When you do get closer and capture the details, use a normal lens (50mm or longer) instead. You don’t have to worry about distortion and other common issues, which means you can focus more on composition and framing.

Use Natural Light as Much as You Can

The best way to shoot interior photos is by using as much natural light as possible. Balance the exposure using light coming in from the windows and you will get the most pleasing results. Use artificial light such as flashes or LED lights as fill-ins whenever needed.

With these top tips in mind, you can shoot better interior photos. A well-captured set of interior photos will convey the ambience of the room in great detail.

Image Credits: Interior Photography from ShortPhotos /Shutterstock

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