Best Photos of Russian Brides

Russians pay immense attention to weddings. Wedding is always the most remarkable date, especially for the bride. It is a momentous day when women wake up early in the morning with all relatives and closes people around.They get to prepare for a long and exhausting day, full of surprises and happy moments. But how do you imprint such an outstanding moment? Through hours of making fun photos, of course!

Russian, as well as Ukrainian brides, claim that they would rather pay less for drinks or music than refuse from a good-quality photo sessions. So what are the main customs, traditions and styles of a typical Russian wedding photo shoot? Today we will enlighten some of the key elements and peculiarities of Slavic wedding ceremonies.

Types of Russian wedding photos:

1) Romantic style

Romantic style

This is the very classic type of Russian wedding photos. Light, pleasant and relaxed tones, friendly atmosphere and tons of sincere laughs. Russians prefer to shoot outside, in front of beautiful baroque or grotesque buildings, green background such as gardens, parks etc. Beaches with sunlit tides are a definite favor for all newlyweds.

2) Artsy style

Artsy style

Some people prefer unusual settings, such as woods, ancient castles or even underwater photo sessions. When it comes to creative wedding photo shoots, Russians will stop at nothing. Some of the quality sessions are really expensive, but that doesn’t bother
brides and husbands who want to receive amazing shots of the most momentous time of their lives.

3) Outdoor picnic style

Outdoor picnic style

An excellent idea to get beautiful and unique pictures will be to create a special nook for a wedding photo shoot. Russian couples like to choose a good location – the forest, the riverbank or the garden, then think over the composition of the photoset and pick the necessary props – furniture with beautiful details, food with exquisite decor and floral arrangements. Sometimes Russians shoot a picnic on the grass, using a plaid, a picnic basket and various sweets.

4) Amusement parks

Amusement parks

A wedding is joy and lots of fun, so an amusement park with tons of colorful carousels and entertainments is a great place to get original and vivid photos. Those photos are usually shot in the evening, with lots of friends and relatives.

5) Detailed dainty photos

Detailed dainty photos

Modern photographers prefer taking photos of separate details, not the couple. Brides like to concentrate attention on beautiful, gorgeous and stunning dresses, wedding rings or a banquet hall. Although it would be more memorable to depict a bride herself, but women tend to choose inanimate objects for wedding portfolio. Even wedding bouquets can be amazingly beautiful!

Wedding photo credits: Catherine J. Gross Photography

What are the traditions of a typical Russian photo session?

Slavic women are absolutely friendly, so they are rarely alone in the shot. It is traditional to invite friends, relatives and even far-away acquaintances to the photo shoot. Yes, the bride wants to be a central element, but everyone will be happy to see her in the closest environment among dearest and loveliest people. It is a good tradition to make an album with all the volunteers at the end of a ceremony, although modern newlyweds prefer to make photos more intimate.

Also, Russian brides pay much attention to wedding rings. Wedding rings are a symbol of a new life and unity of two hearts. They can be interesting element to include into a photo shoot and make gentle or original photos. The glitter of the rings and happy eyes will decorate the wedding album with pleasant memories. And most importantly, no matter what place or decor you choose for a wedding photo shoot, because the main thing is to have sincere emotions, real feelings and happiness.

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