30 Best Photos of the Month – February 2014

Month after month we select some of the most popular photos on social networks, and this time in the month of February we collected brilliant landscape and nature photos which are deserved to be called best photos of the month.

Do let us know which one did you like the most.
1. 3 out of 5 of the Great Lakes frozen over.

2. Daytona Beach 1957 

3. After a miserable night of camping in the rain, woke up to this. (Newfoundland, Canada)

4. Vøringsfossen, Norway. You can almost see the trolls and elves from here… 

5. The lava lake of the continuously active volcano Erta Ale, Ethiopia.

6. The Hidden Beaches of Kapaa, Hawaii. Photo by Walter K.

7. Tibet

8. Color Image of a New York Street, 1940s

9. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece

10. Extraordinary geysers in the Nevadan desert-Photo by Christian Klepp

11. Magnificent View of Jackson Hole Valley in Grand Teton National Park. Photo by Jeff Clow

12. Studying the Effects of Weightlessness on a living Mammal at 25,000′, 1958

13. Parking at the Grand Canyon. 1914.

14. The Beautiful Öschinensee Lake in the Lötschberg region in Switzerland. Photo by Steffen Sauder. 

15. Gorgeous Denver Home with Wooden Frame and Spiral Stairs Leading up to a Study Room Loft

16. Hidden Underground Beach of Puerto Vallarta,Mexico- Amazingly Beautiful

17. “One of a Kind” – Quartzite Sandstone Pillars in Wulingyuan, China – Photo by Thomas Dawson

18. Truly Amazing, Nepal

19. Fresh snow on Mt Hood, Oregon

20. Two Afro couples walk the streets of NYC; Part of the “Harlem Couples” series by Anthony Barboza, C.1970s 

21. “Medicine Lake” – Jasper National Park, Canada. – Photo by Christian Schmidt

22. Only Wood, Glass and the View – Casa Los Algarrobos – José María Sáez & Daniel Moreno Flores

23. Matterhorn sunrise reflects, Stellisee, Switzerland – by Daniel Metz

24. A Foggy Sunrise on Monument Valley, Utah – Photo by Dominique Palombieri

25. “Survive” – Rub’ al Khali (“The Empty Quarter”), in Oman; the Largest Sand Desert in The World. – Photo by Hamed Musharbak

26. Trollheimen, Norway

27. The Epic Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Iceland

28. Yosemite Valley

29. Factory Workers Race on The Roof (test track) of the Fiat Factory in Turin, Italy. 1923.

30. Walking behind a frozen waterfall in Minneapolis, MN [OC]