How To Choose Professional Clipping Path Service Provider Online?

Have a pile of images to edit? You may have collection of images that needs special touch to achieve the quality you expect. As the editing takes fair amount of time, you hand over the task to an image editing agency. These editing agencies provide high quality image and photo clipping service to elevate your… Continue reading How To Choose Professional Clipping Path Service Provider Online?

Why Is Photography a Good Career for Someone with ADHD?

Photography is just a hobby for many people, but it can also be a career choice. For those who suffer with ADHD, you may find that photography presents a lot of elements that could make it a career that benefits you mentally in addition to providing for you financially. There are some features of work… Continue reading Why Is Photography a Good Career for Someone with ADHD?

Can Escapism Ever Be Considered Productive For Your Mental Health?

Have you ever had an activity or hobby you pick up when you’re avoiding productivity, a negative experience, or just looking to take a mental break? The APA Dictionary of Psychology’s entry for escapism lists the noun as “the tendency to escape from the real world to the delight or security of a fantasy world.”… Continue reading Can Escapism Ever Be Considered Productive For Your Mental Health?

9 Ways to Make Time for Your Favorite Pastimes

Take a moment to make a small list of hobbies or activities you would accomplish if you had an extra day every weekend. Does it include things like reading, crafts, or even chores? Consider why these may be the first choices that come to mind: are they things you already spend your free time doing… Continue reading 9 Ways to Make Time for Your Favorite Pastimes

8 Tips on Hiring the Best Photographer


Via a photograph, you can relive memories, moments in your life, or revisit loved ones who have either grown up or passed on. Photographs are ways we connect with our present world and preserve as best as we can our ever-changing families. They capture the soul through a smile or a glimmer in someone’s eye.… Continue reading 8 Tips on Hiring the Best Photographer

Ways to recover lost photos from Digital Camera microSD cards

MicroSD cards are valuable possession for photography enthusiasts. Carefully used as digital camera storage and as backup, photographers usually carry multiple SD cards of varying speed and capacity.

GuruShots Review: This User’s Thought and Opinions

I have been a photographer since 1978. I worked as a professional for a number of years, and now I am semi-retired. I enjoy photography primarily as a hobby (once again).

On Social Media, The Right Images are Golden

It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. The social media sites have responded to this trend by making it easy to post images and video. As an entrepreneur, you need to exploit this opportunity.

75 Lovely Dolphin Pictures That Will Make You Love Them Even More

Dolphin is the most lovely mammals you would find in a sea; their face is so adorable that they always seem to smile at you. They have emotions and can also recognise people and sounds around them. Naval applications also use their frequency, and they give shows around the world, popularly known as dolphin shows.

60 Pictures Taken at Perfect Time

A photograph taken at a perfect time could make your day, it can create a riot of laughter between friends and family, with mobile phones available at every moment you can become a pro of timed photos. Here are some beautiful and some funny pictures taken at a perfect time.

90 Most Elating Still Life Photography Examples

With high camera resolutions, sharp images, light adjusting nature, still life photography has been on focus since a long time.

30 Brilliant Moments from Wildlife Photography

Can you imagine how hard can it be to take photographs of wild animals? Yes, its damn hard, wildlife photography is one such profession where people risk their life to take photos daily.

47 Relaxing Pictures Which Give you a Peace of Mind

With this new age of devices and gadget, you can never find complete peace anywhere.

30 Impressive Photography Websites

Not too long ago, photography was an pricey affair, all those camera films, developing a photo print within a dark room with negatives and all. It was actually a very tough job to make money. But now things have changed, you can get a digital camera, run behind celebrities ask photo agencies to buy your… Continue reading 30 Impressive Photography Websites

30 Best Photos of the Month – February 2014

Month after month we select some of the most popular photos on social networks, and this time in the month of February we collected brilliant landscape and nature photos which are deserved to be called best photos of the month.