The Best Way to Showcase Your Photos Professionally


It’s not a secret that visual content marketing is rapidly taking over the Internet. It is considered the best substitute for text-based content. White papers are no longer the key to the digital marketing success; on the other hand visual content is. You should not take our word for it, just have a look at the numbers. They will reveal the truth. It has been stated that 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual. Can you believe it?

Let’s see the main reasons why visual content is growing on the Internet:

  • The rapid growth in the need for smartphones and tablets
  • The accelerated proliferation of high-speed wireless networks
  • Minimized cost of data making high-quality uploads budget-friendly
  • Finally, visual-centered social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumbler.

All these reasons had a big impact on the content marketing. They made content adjust to the trends of the digital world. As mentioned above, the advent of visual-centered platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, have taken visual marketing to the next level. Now businesses are spending a lot of money on making the most of these platforms for their content marketing success.

If the above mentioned facts do not have your attention, get this: Instagram started in 2010 and already have 1 billion monthly active users and like button is hit on average 4.2 billion times a day. Well, these are only a few stats about Instagram.

Besides, there are also a lot of more benefits of implementing visual content marketing into your content marketing strategy.

  • Increased management
  • SEO friendly content
  • Higher social media share rate
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Increased sales

All these are great, they provide a lot of new opportunities for marketers to use the full potential of the internet to advertise their product. Yet, there is a real problem. How can marketers manage these much content? This is a real challenge for them.

Of course, you have a variety of options to embark your visual content marketing campaign. But there are two common ways to start it off: images and videos. Let’s dig deeper to better understand why to start with these two.

Images and videos as the best visual content

Images: We all know that content is king, but if you add a high quality and contextually relevant image to your text, the article view rate will skyrocket up to 94% more than without an image.

You can split up your text and narrate the first part of your article and the other part of the main ideas show in a compelling image. Today, Facebook is one of the social media giants and sharing your story on Facebook is a necessity if you need traffic to your website. Another research shows that images increase Facebook post engagement. Facebook posts including images receive 120% more engagement than those without.

Of course, with the adoption of mobile devices, it has become even more difficult to grab the attention of your audience. An original image taken by you is more preferable to use in your posts. This type of images gives a personal touch to your post.

Videos: Well, when it comes to visual content, a video is king. Just look at the biggest social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram stats. The use of video content for B2B marketing increased from 8% to 58%, because buyers prefer videos over text-based content. Though images are a great way to engage your audience, video still wins.

Usually, people are more likely to watch an easy-digestible video and get answers to their questions then read a long article, the content on which they will forget soon. That’s why different types of videos can be used in your visual content marketing strategy such as explainer videos, tutorials, intros, customer tutorials etc.

However, it’s quite expensive to record a high-quality video that will show all the advantages of your product or will provide all the answers to your customers’ questions. So what is the optimal option to make the best use of the images and videos combined?

Slideshows: You have already guessed. But let’s say it once again: Slideshows. Presentations are really another great source for your visual content marketing. Regardless of what industry you are involved in, you can use slideshows to increase the engagement in your visual content. You can even use the slideshow to provide the whole idea of your article in a few slides. Trust me, your customers will appreciate your efforts to make it even easier for them to find the answers to their questions. It can even be in a PDF format as a downloadable file.

How to make slideshows in a few minutes?

Let’s say you have some high-quality images and several videos that are too short to be used separately. What can you do? Of course, make a valuable slideshow for your customers. You might ask but how? You are not tech-savvy enough to use complex graphical tools or just don’t have enough time.

No worries. There are some useful online platforms that enable to make slideshows in a few minutes with just several clicks. One of these platforms is Renderforest. Think of Renderforest as the easiest way to make your slideshows. It’s as easy as pie.

It has a user-friendly interface that will help you intuitively follow the steps. There are hundreds of slideshow templates that you can choose from. Simply look at all the available options and choose the one that best fits your business or industry. Then just drag and drop your images or videos into the editor. If there are changes in the sequence, change it and choose your preferred music from the large library. That’s it, preview your slideshow and download it. Remember, that it’s an online platform and all your projects are saved in the cloud dashboard, so you can go back anytime and make changes. Moreover, you can post your slideshows directly to your YouTube channel or Facebook page.

As promised easier than you could even imagine. Now it’s your turn to take the internet by storm with high-quality and attractive slideshow presentations. Go ahead and try out the new tool!