Best Ways to Combine Photography and Education


Photography is an exciting activity. Well, I can hardly name something that can be as inspiring and as fulfilling as photography. If you are one of those who can’t imagine their life without capturing images then you likely encountered with the dilemma of how to combine photography and education.

Relax, combining photography and education isn’t a dilemma at all! All you have to do is to choose the most suitable approach to making photography an integral part of your life. Learn with Homework Lab, an online academic task-sharing platform, how to combine two significant but necessary branches of creativity.

Photography in Section

So, let’s clarify the notions to grasp the ways in which you can make photography an exciting part of your life. To put it simply, photography is the art of capturing pictures.

However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, since photography involves a range of exciting activities that make your life more inspiring and even precondition a career choice.

School Newspaper Photographer

Probably, the easiest way to combine photography and education is to apply for the position of a school newspaper photographer. BTW, working as a school newspaper photographer is a great way to learn your target audience: what pictures they like and which one they hate, what things they want to learn and see, or which visual designs they prefer.

Work as a Photographer Assistant

It’s quite easy to become a photographer assistant because the requirements are minimal. In fact, you’re expected to have a certificate or just a high school diploma.

Of course, working as the photographer assistant isn’t as fun as being a photographer on your own. But this option implies a number of advantages:

  • It’s quite easy to get a job.
  • You can learn from someone who is more experienced in the field.
  • Most assistants work part-time, so you can easily combine photography and studies.

Freelance Photographer

Luckily enough, photography is one of those activities that do not require your sitting in the office all day long. Many photographers work part-time or remotely, which means that there’s plenty of time to study, take care of your kids, or perform any other things that you consider to be important.

Being a photographer implies a substantial dose of creativity and personal freedom!

Choosing Photography as a Career

If none of the suggested options seems quite good to you, there’s always a chance to kill two birds with one stone by enrolling into photography training courses. The thing is that photography is a technically demanding career, and you’ll certainly be much more competitive if you get some training in the field.


Advantages of choosing photography as a career are numerous:

  • Photography as a career can turn your life into an exciting adventure.

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life (Marc Anthony).

  • There’s a range of photography specialties to choose from. What about being a portrait photographer? An aerial photographer? A fine art photographer? Or a wildlife photographer? Each of these options offers a myriad of career opportunities!
  • Photography is quite a rewarding career. According to the S. Office of Labor Statistics, the average photography salary in the country falls between $50,030 and $71.141. Not bad, you know.
  • Working as a photographer, you get a chance to meet nice people, see beautiful places, and explore the life in all its vibrancy!  
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