Canon EOS 1D X Review – Professional Photography

Canon EOS 1D X

The EOS-1D X is Canon’s premier DSLR for professional photography. As such, it provides excellent image quality as well as superb performance and design. While there are other cameras that offer better colour depth, dynamic range and low-light performance, the 1D X offers a solid mixes of attributes that help you capture quality photographers in even the most demanding situations.

Image Quality

The EOS-1D X is Canon’s premier DSLR for professional photography. As such, Image quality alone is not the 1D X’s strong suit. While it affords good low-light performance with low grain at high ISOs, it is lower to average in the categories of colour depth and dynamic range. This may not be the best news, but it does not mean that your image will have artificial looking colours or consistently blown out highlights. The 1D X is still an amazing camera and in the right hands, yet produces really high quality pictures. The ability to differentiate subtle differences in colour.

Canon EOS 1D X review


It is the 1D X’s performance that actually stands out from its several competitors. It provides you up to 12 fps continuous shooting, a total of 61 focus points, 41 out of which are shutter speed of up to 1/8000 s and are cross-type. Thanks to those qualities, the 1D X is one of the most performing cameras available for sports and action photography.


Made with the permanently attached secondary grip, the 1D X permits you to shoot more naturally and rapidly in portrait or landscape orientation. By just simply changing a switch, you can enable different adjustments dials and buttons specially for portrait shooting.

Just like other cameras in this category, there are not many other design features to say of no articulating screen, built-in flash or auto-focus assist light. Taking this camera is mostly for high-paced action and sports photography, however, these omissions are very far from fatal flaws.

Additional Features

When we talk about additional features, the same philosophy applies: The camera includes everything you require to capture the most intricate of moments in an intense shoot, and importantly nothing that does not. Clickers looking for ease features like GPS, Wi-Fi, time lapse or panorama, though, would be better served looking at different models.

Help and support

The 1D X comes with a whole year warranty. If you have any sort of issues or questions that are not related to defects, you may find answers by email, phone or in support side of Canon’s website.

PROS / The camera is the speediest shooting pro-DSLR currently available.

CONS / This camera’s image quality is lower than many lower-priced competitors.

The camera’s image excellence is lower than many other lower-priced candidates.


The Canon 1D X is a really specialized professional DSLR designed to capture the quality pictures of fast-paced action. It shows best-in-class non-stop shooting, autofocus and body that provides shooting quickly in any orientation. Because of this, however, the 1D X is bigger, bulkier and substantially costlier than most. And though other cameras provide better looking image standards, less heavy bodies and more features, it’s difficult to beat the 1D X when it comes to catching crucial moments in fast-paced scenes.

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