CanStockPhoto – A Review

Stock photography websites or platforms provide users with a library of creative image content. Users can purchase and download stock images for immediate editorial and commercial use. The different purchase options include a single image download and monthly subscriptions. One of the stock photography websites today is CanStockPhoto.

This Canadian owned agency is one of the well-known stock photography agency which has quite significant international membership. It is one those agencies that offers guest purchases for first one time buyers that doesn’t require any sort of membership sign up. It also allows to sell photos online with ease.

Buyers can purchase pictures of people, marketing photos, and inspiring beautiful landscape photos which are worth posting on social media with corresponding photography hashtags like these. By sharing or using CanStockPhoto, sourcing high-quality pictures for personal or commercial purposes is a lot easier.

Few of its best features are mentioned below:

  1. It recommended for stock photo purchases who are new users, and also for those who are looking for quite a wide range of stock videos and photos.
  2. It has over 4.5 million images which includes, photos, vector images, video, and audio with 248,000 new files that are added per month.
  3. It accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and cheque.
  4. Its images are of good value with credits costing at 50 cents or less in case you buy in bulk. There is also a great subscription option with weekly 70 images subscription which costs around $ 35.

It comes with Credit and Subscription based plans and currency options.

In Credit it costs as low as 40 cents and with a maximum price of 50 cents per credit. Maximum allowable credit purchase is at 500 credits for $200. It is quite an inexpensive credit option which allows bulk credit purchases which are quite cheap. Each image has a different credit cost along with a small image costing on 2 credits on average.

In Subscription plan option, it provides, daily, weekly, monthly and annually options too. It’s a cheap proposition and it comes with 2 different subscription options. Subscriptions are per image prices which are based on the number of photos downloads per day. It is based on 24 hour period, and not a calendar day.

Using CanStock Photos 

Stock photos, like CanStockPhoto images, can be used for personal projects, blogs, websites, for-profit projects, and commercial purposes.  The wide array of uses makes stock photography a perfect choice for businesses and independent graphic designers.

Speaking of stock photos for commercial purposes, these are licensed images intended for profit. Commercial stock photos are used in promotional or advertising campaigns in social media, creative projects, packaging, and branding.

The editorial uses can be profit or non-profit. Editorial-marked images are used in commentary, illustrating news, and magazine or newspaper articles. They are also used in website or blog posts, textbooks, documentaries, and non-commercial multimedia presentations. Stock photos with “editorial use only” label cannot be used for commercial purposes.


It is not one of the most popular agencies but they are quite responsive to queries. You won’t get lost in the corporate structure when you need any sort of assistance and it provides great service and with efficiency.

In case you are searching for a customer service focused, responsive stock photography agency, then we definitely recommend you CanStockPhoto. With its rapid increase of image database as they are uploading hundreds of thousands of various files which includes, audio, video, and other vector files to their library.

So, with this, we end our review on CanStockPhoto agency. If you try their services then don’t forget to convey your experience with it. Also, kindly mention your views and suggestions in the comment section below. 

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