How to Market Your Photography Business


If you’re a photographer, there are probably times when you feel weird about marketing your work. After all, you got into this industry to create fine art, not be a salesperson. But if you want to keep doing what you love, you can’t neglect your marketing plan; it’s the only thing that will make your business a success.

Here are 4 valuable ideas and tips that you can employ if you want to attract more attention to your photography business.

Use a referral program

With personal, intimate services like photography, word of mouth is your most valuable asset when it comes to marketing. With referral programs, you effectively convince your clients to do marketing for you in exchange for a reward.

The exact reward you choose will depend on your business and what you can afford. Something closely related to your business often works best, so offering credit toward a portrait session or a series of prints are both potential strategies. If that sort of thing doesn’t fit your brand, you could always offer a gift card or promotional product instead.

Create custom folders

Any great product requires great packaging if you want it to appeal to its audience. You might not normally think of photographs as requiring a package, but for certain special events such as weddings, banquets, or other celebrations, a loose photo won’t have quite the gravitas you’re looking for.

Photo folders act as a frame that can be personalized with the date and location of the event. If you include your photography company’s logo, they can also serve as a lasting reminder of your business that recipients will hold on to for years.

Share your knowledge

Maybe you’re a complete noob when it comes to marketing, but know photography inside and out. Use that knowledge to your advantage and demonstrate your authority by reaching out to organizations, conferences, and other groups who might benefit from what you have to share.

Be sure to socialize outside of your own comfort zone. Attending a photography conference is a valuable networking and learning opportunity, but it might not be the best place to find new clients. Consider meeting with groups related to a niche that might be in the market for photography. For instance, real estate agents often require photos of the properties of they sell, so being a guest speaker at a real estate convention could land you a multitude of prospects.

Engage with the press

Photography magazines and blogs present an excellent opportunity to increase your exposure if you can manage to get your name in there. But if you want to get featured by a particular publication, you’ll probably have to do more than just send them a press release. Instead, pitch them a story related to your business, such as a charity event that you were involved with.

You can also use services like Help a Reporter Out to act as a source in an article that’s already in process. Not only is this a great way to network with journalists, it’s a simple way to get more links to your business’s website.

A great marketing plan isn’t something you just create and then never reevaluate. Be sure to stay up to date on the latest photography marketing trends so that you can always be sure you’re reaching your audience in the best way possible. You should also take at look at the best SEO companies on and hire one that can help your business boost your online visibility and improve your website traffic.

Do you have more tips that photographers can use to promote their business? Share them in the comments below!

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