LUMIX WiFi DMC-TS6 – A Review

Many of us like to take snapshots of our favorite memories especially during vacations, parties, travel and lot more. In case you are lurking in the underwater world, then you definitely require a waterproof camera to capture this majestic world along with capturing photos in the swimming pool or during rain.

If you are looking for a camera that allows you to take these photos without juggling through navigational nightmares, then Panasonic LUMIX WiFi DMC-TS6 is the perfect solution as a waterproof cameras. Considered to be one of the best underwater cameras, it features great capabilities to provide you the immensely beautiful output.


1. Talking about the durability of this camera, it can handle various adventurous water related activities like snorkeling, kayaking, sea wave surfing, etc. However, this camera is not recommended to scuba diving as it can only handle water depth up to 43 feet for mere 1 hour. When it comes to cold condition, it can easily work in 14 degrees Fahrenheit which allows you to record and take photos while skiing, etc.

With maximum drop height of 6.6 feet, you can be sure that it won’t break easily unless you are trying to climb a wall. This camera is also both crushproof along with dustproof which makes it the easy choice in case you are going to venture out in deserts or windy conditions.

2. When it comes to Image Quality, Lumix is a great option as a point-and-shoot camera. It comes with 16.1MP of CMOS image sensor which results in providing stunning images both in well-light and dark environments. This camera also comes with a flash along with dynamic red-eye reduction feature. It also allows you to have multiple white balance conditions. Its dynamic automatic settings allow you to adapt the colors to match according to the lighting condition. When it comes to image stabilization, you can easily take photos while you are skiing or skateboarding.

During underwater tests such as splash test and deep water test, the pictures were almost similar to pictures from any dry picture. In deep water test, it does keep the subject in good focus although the background was not distinguishable and quite blurred.

3. It allows you to take full HD videos and also provides you the ability to set the resolution. This camera is Wi-Fi compatible, and you can also take control of your phone via an app and even upload images within an instant. It also comes with GPS feature, which allows you to tag the photos. With the fully charged condition, you can easily take up to 370 images. This camera does come with only 10 MB storage space. But in this situation, it does have and SD Card slot which you can use to increase the storage capacity.


1. It can easily manage over 200 pounds of weight.

2. You can take full HD videos and even tag the locations with its GPS feature.

3. It takes indistinguishable images under water with respect to dry pictures.

4. This camera comes with Wi-Fi compatibility.


1. It doesn’t have focus lock which can make photos blurry.

2. It doesn’t come with facial detection feature is which a big turn-off.

3. It weighs over 0.5 pounds which may not be good for backpackers, and campers as they need to carry less weight. This camera can’t float which means if you drop it in the lake, you can say goodbye to it.


It is one of the best vacation cameras which allows you to take stunning pictures at any location. Its resolution and other features make this camera ideal for various activities however it does come with few drawbacks, it does lack few crucial features. However, in overall, this camera is a perfect contender as an underwater camera.

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