Olympus Stylus TG-860 – A Review

When it comes to Olympus Stylus TG line of cameras, they are quite durable when it comes to capturing underwater images. TG-870 is nothing less than expected. It is a good waterproof camera and it provides quite significant features along with rugged exterior and provides the ability to take stunning underwater images.

Features –

1. Talking about the durability of this camera, it can easily sustain many extreme conditions. With metal and hard plastic body, the plastic composite outlines the front of this camera. This texture of plastic composite allows to keep a tight grip and is quite meaningful when your hands are wet.

2. This camera is promoted to work under 50 feet water. It can easily sustain drop up to 7 feet, which is quite remarkable. It is also claimed to be dustproof along with crushproof and can withstand freeze up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. To explain the image quality, in short, this camera can take great underwater images. It captures stunning and vibrant pictures. The water appeared as light-blue with the presence of white highlights. The process provided focused and sharp images. In the case of dry testing, it took good images in the environment with controlled lighting. The ISO range from 125 to 6400 which gets good images in both well-lit and dark environments.

4. This camera comes with features likes in-built Wi-Fi along with GPS. The OI Share mobile application provides you a remote control for this camera to change camera setting along with the ability to snap pictures. It also comes with various standard features such as image stabilization and focus lock along with the ability to take panorama images and recording videos. It takes full 1080p HD video along with audio.

5. This camera comes with Li-ion battery which allows you take over 300 photos on a single charge. It has a 3-inch display which can clip out along with upside to face in similar direction of the camera lens. It makes it quite simple to hold the camera at your front to take any image as you can easily watch the digital viewfinder.

6. Its layout is quite simple with just one list to scroll through. It makes it quite handy to adjust the camera’s various parameters along with navigation in the menu. Its locking mechanism to seal its battery and memory card is simple to learn. It uses a sliding mechanism to open and lock the door.

7. This camera comes with a one-year warranty, and the customer support can be easily reached by phone or email. However, it doesn’t provide live chat option.

Pros –

1. It can easily work 50 feet below water surface.

2. The body is quite rugged and can bear extreme situations.

3. Its UI is simple and seamless.

4. It has decent battery life to take 300 pictures on one charge.

Cons –

1. Customer support doesn’t have live chat option.

Conclusion –

Olympus Stylus TG-870 produce wonderful images. It can sustain drops along with low environment temperatures with protection against dust and can withheld pressure at 50 feet deep water. This camera is perfect solution for those who are searching for camera that can take gorgeous images below water.

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