VeePN review

VeePN review

TInternet, in today’s world, is very important for every one of us. Though it gives you the ability to find any information, it is also at the same time leaking your personal information to anything and anyone on the internet. Search engines are tracking your search data and selling it to the online marketing companies to provide you with the personalized advertisement best suited to you. Other than advertisers, the hackers can also access your personal information and use it for their benefit.

Fortunately, you can make internet more secure and safer with the help of VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPN is more important nowadays than it was in the past. A VPN is a service that allows you to access the internet safely and privately by routing your internet connection with the help of servers to hide your online actions. A VPN makes your internet connection more secure,and it helps you to stay anonymous while allowing you to access the censored sites. VPN allows you to use the temporary IP address while hiding the original IP address to make your browsing more secure.

Whether you want to hide your IP address or you want to download an app or content which is geographically restricted, VeePN can make it all possible. Usually, when you use web through your ISP (Internet service provider), a successful connection is established,and you get to visit the website that you wanted. All the data that was generated during your visit passes to your internet service provider from where it can be easily viewed. But when you are connected to VPN service like VeePN, its servers create an Encrypted Channel which decodes the data generated by your online activity. So no data is leaked or stored to your ISP.


  1. Multiple device support – VeePN allows its customers to install it in 10 devices for a single subscription. Now you can connect your Laptop, mobile Phone, Mac Book, tablets and many more devices to VeePN. There are dedicated apps for Windows PC, Mac and Linux systems. There is also an app for the router which allows you to connect to the VPN without even configuring each time to log in.
  2. DNSguarding – To ensure the DNS leak prevention, VeePN routes DNS queries through encrypted tunnel which prevents the interaction with external DNS providers. This provides full protection to its client’s traffic and DNS queries from getting exposed.
  3. Unlimited speed and bandwidth – The high-speedVeePN servers allow you to enjoy the global web surfing without any limits and restrictions. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the fast internet service by VPN network.
  4. Server switching – VeePN has more than 2500 VPN servers in almost 48 locations so a user can switch the servers in just one click and enjoy the secure and unrestricted internet access.
  5. Privacy and encryption – VeePNencrypt all its users’ data with 256-bit encryption so that no one can get the information regarding your browsing session. VeePN also claims that it doesn’t store any logs about the use of the service. The service keeps you completely anonymous. VeePN uses OPenVPN and IKEv2 protocols to ensure the highest protection to your data. Sometimes when the VPN connections are lost, there is a chance that your data will be left unprotected. To fix this issue, VeePN has a kill switch feature which will keep you worry free even when the VPN connection is lost.

How to connect to VeePN in easy steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to any VeePN plan and sign up.

Step 2: Download the VeePN app to any device.

Step 3: Connect to the internet with high security and safety.


  1. VeePN provides unlimited data usage to its users.
  2. It offers fast connection speed.
  3. It allows the seamless server switching,and it can also bypass Netflix and Spotify restrictions.
  4. There are apps for all kind of devices.


  1. The only con is that it doesn’t offer free plans at least for certain duration so that users can try it before purchasing the subscription.

Plans and pricing:

VeePN is certainly a great VPN service, this leaves majority of us wondering its pricing and plans. VeePN offers few plans which are as follows:

  1. 3 years – $2.78 per month (Single payment $99.99)
  2. 1 month – $10.99 per month (Billed every month $10.99)
  3. 1 Year – $5.83 per month (Billed as $ 69.99)
  4. Lifetime subscription – $199.99 (Single payment $199.99)

Supported payment methods – VeePN supports various payment methods like Credit cards, PayPal, Crypto Currencies and Paymentwall.


Looking at all the features, we can say thatVeePN is certainly a great VPN service which ensures that the user is browsing safely on the internet. They have a sufficient number of plans which are enough to suit every user’s needs. There are no downsides of subscribing to VeePN services.

Image Credits: Veepn from Pressmaster/Shutterstock


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