Best Photography of the Week – December 29th to January 4th

New Year has started

The modern cities make the world look extremely beautiful. Tall buildings, attractive architecture and lights… calls your camera to capture the beauty… So this week photography includes some magnificent city photos, including some photos at the time of New Year celebration.

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Jumpology – A Beautiful Branch of Photography

Jumpology - A Beautiful Branch of Photography

If you love flying in air, if you want to feel free, if you want to enjoy…. these pictures are for you… Jumping in air Photography requires a photographer to take the picture from the perfect angle… (such as while taking a picture of a subject in open sky the photographer need to get lower, so that he can see the sky behind the subject.) And one more factor which is equally important is the timing, which will make the jump look real and more joyful. Hope these photos make you feel happy…

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21 Amazing Underwater Photography

I Am..A Cameraman

Underwater Photography is an art of taking pictures while under water, using special cameras. There are many ways of capturing underwater photos, one of the way is, lowering automated camera from the surface and taking the picture or diving, swimming with the camera. Underwater photography commonly includes animals and pictures of fellow beings. In todays Underwater Photography collection you’ll see some of these beautiful clicks… hope you’ll like…

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Best Photography of the Week – December 22nd to December 28th

The Crandic RR

In this week photography you’ll see each picture reflecting a particular color. In one picture you’ll see red color, in another yellow and somewhere combination of two colors like green and yellow…. Beautiful colors and their combinations present a perfect picture. And how can we forget christmas pictures. As Christmas was celebrated this week, so you’ll see some christmas photos also. Hope you’ll like them.

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Top 10 Landscape Photos of the year 2013

Move to New Zealand and aim the camera in random directions.

Its time to welcome New Year, 2014. So lets say goodbye 2013… in wonderful way by having a look back at top 10 Landscape photos of the year. Here you’ll see each picture is unique in itself and effort of photographers is noticeable. Hope these photos gives a good start to the year and may this year bring love, Success and Happiness to your life… Happy New Year !!

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Baby Photography Ideas | As Cute as it Gets


They make you laugh, they make you smile, they make you feel loved… yes you are right i’m talking about babies. The Love and affection which you can see in their eyes can not be seen anywhere else. Babies change your life.. babies add love to your life.Their touch, feel, smile, eyes can make your day. So here are 26 adorable baby Photos which will make you feel loved…

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28 Creative Alphabet Photography

The letter h

Most of the photographers consider that alphabets are not created, they are found. Photographers find alphabets in objects, nature…There are wonderful ways of capturing photos of alphabet. Even now, start looking at any object, may be you’ll find an alphabet in that… To know more about it have a look at these creative Alphabet Photography and see how the things look from photographers eye.

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26 Pretty Hibiscus Flower

Red Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus is one of the showy flowers, found in different colors – commonly red, pink, yellow and white. These are found in areas with warm temperature. With five beautiful petals sometimes in same color and sometimes in shades… make them look beautiful. So here are 26 Pretty Hibiscus Flower for you, hope you’ll like their colors and clicks…

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