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Free Photography Podcasts

I’ll start by saying that this list is necessarily constrained. For example, new photo-focused podcasts are constantly being released, and you could listen to them

Vacation Portrait Tricks

If you’re like most people who work for a living, you look forward to the one or two weeks off each year. So what else

How To Quiet The Noisy Images

Noise — those unattractive speckled patterns that seem like film grain or plain appear unpleasant — is a worry for all digital photographers. Still, it

Tips for Capturing Fireworks

Recently, I was requested to photograph a neighbourhood fireworks show. No problem, I reasoned. I adore fireworks and have photographed enough of them to be

The Pros and Cons of Lens Flare

When non-image-forming light enters the lens and hits the camera’s film or digital sensor, lens flare occurs. This usually takes the form of a distinctive

Who Invented the First Digital Camera?

Photographs taken using digital cameras are referred to as digital photography. Digital cameras do not have a film like standard cameras but use photosensitive sensors,