Finest Pictures from History that showcase old times

history pictures

Collection of some best history pictures of 1900s. It includes the customers at London music store, listening the latest music records in sound proof booths, traffic on golden bridge soon after it opened, Apollo 9 Lunar Module, a World war 1 submarine, Yuri Gagarin-the first man in space, Mercedes 770K-Adolf Hitler’s present to C.G.E. Mannerheim on his 75th birthday and many more pictures that will help you to better understand the history.

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History of Photography!

World's First Photograph

Photography is the most actively and enthusiastically carried out hobby round the world.  The photography is one of the most widely followed professions too! Well, the camera, a photographer and film development is all we know as the signs of photography. We had a lot of discussions about the art work and examples of this and that type of photography! But, do you know from where it all started? Let’s have a look at the history of the photography.

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